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SAGA: Age of Magic

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I'm listening to the SAGA Thorsday episode with SAGA's creator, Alex Buchel.

In the interview he revealed the six factions from Age of Magic.  The factions are not race specific, but rather thematic categories.  So for instance, the Great Kingdoms could be a human, Empire-like warband, or a warband from an elf kingdom (e.g. Gondolin), or an evil kingdom of men and orcs (e.g.  Mordor). 

The 6 factions are:

Legends of the Undying (e.g. undead)

Otherworlds (e.g. demons, angels, creatures from other dimensions, etc.)

Forces of the Wild (e.g. wood elves, beastmen, forest folk, etc.)

Great Kingdoms (e.g. any large, organized kingdom/civilization, human or otherwise)

Undermountain Folk (e.g. dwarves, gnomes, goblins, skaven, etc.)

The Horde (e.g. orcs, barbarians, etc.)

Age of Magic will introduce quite a few new rules to handle things like magic, large creatures (e.g. ogres), huge monsters, flying creatures, and others.
Alex Buchel stated that the goal is to release two source books per year.

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Last week I received notice from Fireforge Games that my Forgotten Worlds Kickstarter goodies will be sent to me shortly.  Last year, I made my decision to back the Forgotten Worlds campaign because their Living Dead Peasants are amazing, I figured I could use them in Mordheim and Frostgrave.  But now that AoM is available, I have use for the Living Dead characters, knights, and warriors as well.  

What Forgotten Worlds' Living Dead model line does not yet have are large creatures or war machines, so I going to start looking at what other manufactures have available.  GW is putting out a lot of cool undead beasties for AoS.

Suddenly, I find myself very interested in Fantasy minis again.  XI1MfL.gif

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