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Tuesday 11/13 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

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4 hours ago, -{REAPER}- said:

Im a nube looking to get into 40k, astra militarism/space marines looks like my flavor, anyone want to volunteer an army for me to play with? Time to play this week still?

It’s my understanding that Geeks & Games, in Oregon City, has a standing “40k Night” on Monday’s. Haven’t been there myself (I’m a car-less Portlander) but heard good things.

Guardian Games has a very active 40k league every Wednesday. You can try to find a pick up game there most weeks, but if they’ve got a tourney in the immediate future then they tend to go into overdrive practicing for it and friendly pick-up games become a little more scarce. 


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1 hour ago, -{REAPER}- said:

Next week would work for me, what day?

where? Has to be around 6 PM.

Oh I was talking about playing kill team, If you are interested in trying it out, i'm more than happy to throw some dice with you, I have two different kill teams.

I'm actually looking to try out some 40K as well as I am building up a tau force.

If you want to play some KT I could meet up on tuesday at WoW

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