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Spike 2014 - real talk


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First let me say I find nothing more enjoyable than going to Spike. However, I am in a real pickle this year. First, my 15th wedding anniversary is that weekend, and my wife requested that weekend off in case we went somewhere. Also, my wargaming desire is at an all time low, and I'm not really feeling it. Couple this with the fact that many of you are senators and the OFCC is the following weekend....I guess what I'm asking is: are we going this year? With the right motivation I could probably acquire my desire back, and I could convince my wife to delay a weekend if necessary. Real talk; Dan, Mark, Travis, Shane, Eric, Dave, et al...what are we doing this year?

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My hobby fire is only slightly warmer than Weav's, but I will go to Spike this year for two reasons:


1) If I don't keep the streak alive, the inertia to not go in the future will be crushing. 


2) I won't leave Travis hanging to defend his title. In fact, if he wants to go this year, I'll spend the summer practicing against him at Game Night, then go to Spike to spoil his repeat chances.


I totally understand everyone else being committed to the OFCC, because they should be. That should be the focus of all of Ordo to make it as awesome as possible. So if it's just me and Frosty, that's fine. But if he doesn't want to go back, I'll stay home, too. 

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2.  F*ck&ng with Travis

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Well, I got a job. Sadly there is zero chance I will be able to take off any time during Sept. I will not even be at OFCC. I am very sad to miss Spike! as it has been one of my favorite events in past years. I hope you show those Canadians how the game is played again Frosty!

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