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Always looking for 40k models to buy/trade/give services for


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Hello there,


I just now realized that the topic title is a bit risque sounding so I will first state that "give services for" is limited to tactical instruction, firearm instruction, defensive tactics, jiu-jitsu, building things, etc.  If you immediately thought nasty things well I'm sorry but I don't roll that way.  Unless we're talking a LOT of models... ha ha ha


I looked for an earlier post that I made when I first joined up but cannot locate it, so my apologies for adding a new topic.  I'm only doing this in the Bellingham Warhamsters section, as I'd rather just deal with our local gaming circle. 


My son and I currently have the following 40k armies and are always looking to bolster the forces.  So if you have stuff lying around that you want to sell cheaply, trade, etc. then please feel free to just hit me up.  I'm reliable if not very frugal so hopefully we could work something out.  If you don't wanna hassle with eBay or Craigslist, please feel free to try unloading stuff on me!








CHAOS SPACE MARINES - really looking for Maulerfiends at the moment

ORKS - really looking for trukks (the new kind) and mobs o' boys


Stay safe and hope everyone's doing well!



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Hello there,


The boy and I have to run to *North Bend* today and I'm loopy from getting off shift like 4 hours ago... but I know enough to know that I won't make bits swap day if it's today.  /sigh    but you never know, i might make it towards the end!


sergentzimm, yes I do a lot of building and such so if you are going to need tools and don't wanna buy em lemme know and you can borrow it if i have it.  or space to build because i have that, too.


munkie, thank you very much for the thought!  how about you do what you do at bits day and if you have the trukk and boys afterwards, consider me down!  we will chat about price, etc. after today if that works, then.


stay safe,



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