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Potential Delaque build, fluff to come...

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not sure whether the link is a good way to go or not,  but here’s my first go at a Delaque gang.   


Leader and one champion have a web gauntlet and gravity gun.  Sprint on the leader, hip shooting on the leader to maaximize early movement and positioning (I could mix this weapon load outs up for more variety, but I’d like to flex some web muscle and there isn’t a model for the web gun until forgeworld arms come out)


2nd champion with a long rifle and the infliltrate skill.  He positions on deployment and hopefully just aims and shoots all game. 


Two gangers have autoguns and flash grenades.  Flash grenades after a graviton pulse could be a really nasty combo, as the concussion from the grav gun lowers initiative, making models easier to blind.


my next two gangers are kitted with silent ranged weapons: one with a pair of stub guns with gunshrouds, and one with throwing knives and a stiletto knife.    Delaque should thrive at the sabatogue and sneak attack scenarios, so silent weapons seem like the fluffy choice.


lastly, I’ve got a juve with a pair of autopistols as a cheap extra body.  If he survives, he’ll no doubt be a valuable addition in some way...


More gangers and juves, as well as some choice wargear are definitely the first goal as campaign funds roll in.  Photo visors for fighting in the dark, smoke, stun and flash grenades to help with the sneaking, a grav chute for the long rifle, and some bio scanners to keep people from sneaking up on us in return.  


Haven’t looked at tactics cards, etc yet, but I’ll update when I do.



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On 1/3/2019 at 11:33 AM, WestRider said:

If you don't mind some conversion work, there is actually a Web Gun bit in the Genestealer Cult Neophytes box.

Awesome.  That is very good info.  I have a pile of gsc that’s still waiting  for me to get to assembling. 

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