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Flames of War Minis League at GG Thursdays 2019

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########## This thread is now obsolete. Use this thread for the rest of 2019: "Flames of War Minis League - second half of 2019"  ################### barca, 2019.06.17

Flames of War Minis League at GG Thursdays 2019

Play Flames of War on Thursdays at Guardian Games.  This is a casual night for FoW games.  Drop in, learn to play, show off your modelling skills.
When Weekely on Thursdays, 6pm – 9:30pm Pacific Time - Los Angeles
Where: Guardian Games (map)

The old thread should be retired: Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

let's use this one for 2019 http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/211427-flames-of-war-minis-league-at-gg-thursdays-2019


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Thx. I will check it out.

Yes. Will try our the Leonid command card, plus one or two other buffs

I looked at both SU-76 and SU-122 regiment cards. Might experiment with them. Tired of my guns getting pinned. ZEKE blew aaway a dug-in battery in 1 turn, so having mobile guns might be better. F

THUR, JAN 10. Played 2 Soviet forces (2 generals: ZEKE and barca) vs. Germans (1 General: phyfor88), in City terrain.

phyfor88 tried out his awesome MDF damaged city buildings on a dense terrain battlefield. IMPRESSIVE!

  • SOV: 109 pts, ZEKE, Lend-lease force =Churchills, Valentines and Universal carriers and recon
  • SOV: 109 pts, barca, Infantry force, artillery, 1 Platoon of KV-1, a pair of SU-152
  • Germans: 218 points, phyfor88, Panzer grenadiers, Nebelwefers, PaK-40, 10.5 cm howitzers, Panthers and Pz IV (late), Stukas

Mission: Rearguard

Outcome: Decisive German victory.


  • Soviet: Churchills are a small/fragile formation on Eastern Front
  • Soviet: Infantry in the attack need to take the fastest route possible to their assault positions
  • Soviet: SU-152 only worth their points in blasting infantry out of buildings
  • Soviet: battle plan needs to be fast, simple and direct, not subtle nor slow.
  • German panzer grenadiers put out a lot of fire power.
  • German: The command card from Ghost Panzers that allows the force/formation commander to be a super observer placed the nebelwerfer salvo template anywhere.
  • German: Panthers and Pz IV both gave a good accounting of themselves when handled well, but can be wasted if handled badly.
  • German: High points lists obviously favor the Panthers. They are expensive
  • Dense urban terrain requires different tactics than most other battlefields, and practice to get better at it.
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James I was looking thru the Russian cards found a good one for you to examine. Leonid Ivanovich Monchenkov,  it lets you infiltrate a full motor rifle or hero motor rifle after turn one into the opponents deployment zone or no mans land like coming from ambush. This seems a really good way to tie down units and threaten Nebelwerfers.


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