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Two heads are not always better than one?


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So while playing Kairos Fateweaver as my warlord for something like the 15th time today I was prompted to look at his entry in the codex for some minor reason and to my horror realized that he can only cast with one head per turn. meaning that you get Biomancy&Divination or Telepathy & Pyromancy for the duration of the turn.




whoops. Reading the codex again.

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Got that a little mixed up I think. The take away I had was that there was no prescience and iron arm at the same time. I think it is was biomancy and telepathy or divination and pyromancy that were allowed either way you still get all of the change spells.


Sorry - typo - it's Bio/ Tele on the left and Div/Pyro on the right and yes thank goodness for all the change spells though 8 warp charges (for 2 heads) would have been nice. broken but nice.

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