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Ehrmagerd I'm excited



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  1. 1. Which should I use?

    • Old school Necron infantry horde
    • Dark Angels Mech Company
    • Dark Angels mixed list

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So I haven't been able to attend an OFCC in a couple years, and finally have a weekend free to go this year. But what army should I take? 


I have my old metal Necrons that I like to run as a pewter horde (50-60 Necron troops)


A Mech Dark Angels Company that's going to take a lot of painting


or a Dark Angels Greenwing/Deathwing/Ravenwing mixed list


Community poll, which would you prefer to see across from you?

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If that's the case then I would take as many bodies as I could muster... 4 units of 15 Warriors and 2 units of 20 Immortals would certainly be a fun army to play!

I'll probably run 2 squads of 10 Immortals (10 is their max size) and 3 squads of 10 Warriors, or 2 squads of 15. Other doo dads added for flavor.

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Allies are for chumps. My team will not be bringing any allies.

I said desperate allies. They only count as allies from the stance that 40k rules say they are. Really, they are two bitter enemies that want to continue their fight, but keep getting interrupted by other armies.

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