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Green Stuff World Project... Orks 40k

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So I got an orruk Megaboss so I could turn him into a Mega Armor Warboss with the idea of using Greenstuff plates to mold to things like the dragon skull and armor plates (making them 40kish more) 


Welp, my Greenstuff World order came in today. I ordered it on the 22nd of January 

This is what I got. A Factory Roller, a Mesh fence and double diamond plate roller as well as a plain roller to get it working. Some ribbon tools to carve as needed, some silicone rolling rings to get the thickness I want, two self healing mats (I work at a call center so they let me. Hobby other than painting during down time) and a bunch of Green Stuff, with a gap. Oh and sculpters Vaseline. 


I know most of that could of been gotten cheaper but meh, it's my money. 




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1 minute ago, Ish said:

Dat’s a roight fancy lad, dat is. Bet he ev’n holds out one pinkie when he drinks squigbeer outta yer skull, all polite like.

They are Gentleork's with Gentleork Dakka and Gentleork Krumpin


"Oi good 'umies, wez krump you now good an propa"

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49 minutes ago, abstract said:

Can always have more dakka 🙂

Looks great, love the hat. The green stuff 'bits' are really well done, good job.

Haha, thanks. It's hard to do "too much" since it's orky but yea, it's a feel. Can't take the credit as that goes to Green Stuff World for the amazing products and easily learned and usability 

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20 minutes ago, Dark Trainer said:

Also thinking I need to buy 5 more Lootas, to Max out the 15 man squad.


BTW, those rollers are turning out cool! I wasn't sure about them,. It looks good.

Make them. I have 4 extra normal. You will need bodies and legs but you can get the weapons from me. 

Yea those rollers make me look like I know what I am doing (I don't!) even the Green Stuff World facebook page peeps wanted all my pictures 

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