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LF: Sony PSP, ?? H: MTG, WFB, 40K, $$


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I'm looking for a Sony PSP in good condition. Any generation is fine. I just realize that two of my favorite games (Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story) were re-mastered on PSP, and I got hit with the nostalgic desire to give them a play through.


Normally I'd hit eBay or Craigslist first, but I figured I would see if any Ordo members have one that they are looking to offload in favor of another hobby. Old ones are retailing for $50-$70, according to eBay.





Mostly Standard and EDH staples. No Legacy or Modern. Too many to list, contact me if interested.



Old, OOP Empire (including many bare metal Reiksguard Knights on foot and long OOP characters)

OOP Bretonnians (old starter kit knights and archers plus a character on a griffon)

OOP Lizardmen (old starter kit plus an old Slaan (held up by Temple Guard) and 4 metal Kroxigor)

Misc. Dark Elves (random characters, metal Dark Riders, and a Bolt Thrower)

Skull Pass night goblins (NOS)

Forest Goblin Spider army (110 Spider Riders, 2 Arachnaroks, 2 Spear Chukkas, etc. Unpainted. Not too keen to trade this, but I will for a good deal)



Space Marines (Tacticals, Rhinos, Terminators, Librarian, tons of bits)

6 Dark Eldar Scourges, primed black (all with feathered wings)

8 NIB Metal Tyranid Gragoyles

25 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

Imperial Guard Basilisk

40 Rogue Trader Grots and 15 Rogue Trader Ork Boyz (single-pose plastics from the starter kit, unpainted)


I also have a white Nintendo DS Lite in good condition.


Let me know if anyone has one and we can work something out! If you are interested in any of the above and do not have what I am looking for, feel free to make an offer. I'm always willing to trade for new armies, MTG, or just sell some stuff. I live in Lacey so shipping will need to happen for those who live in Oregon. PM me with any offers or questions. Thanks for looking!

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