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2019 40K OFCC - Calling all Captains!!!

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1 minute ago, apathy ales said:

Will there be a channel for teqmless players looking for a team? I would love to do this but I am new(ish) and don't know many people to join up with.

Yes there will....we will see both existing teams looking for spare players and others players forming brand new teams. If you are looking to play, we should have no problem finding a home for you. 🙂 

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4 hours ago, Edosaurus Rex said:

Team Kill! Maim! Beer! will be attending, assuming we can find two other players who care more about alcohol and thematic armies than winning (somehow I don't think we'll have a problem there). 

A pure Blood Angels player who home brews beer and only started playing about a year ago...?...

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