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Got to paint a bit!

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Looks good! I'm always on board for seeing more painted Drukhari!

You are a bolder man than I, though. I skip the chain snares, grisley trophies, and additional crew. IM-possible to transport with out breaking it fortnightly. 


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7 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

Love the color scheme on the Hgaunts! Were they freshly finished or did you use a shiny gloss on them? I do not see washers on the base, did you weight them or just hope for the best?

Thank you for the kind words!

For my tyranids, after I paint them all up I use a crystal gloss sealer and dose it from pretty close.  Two coats.  Trying to achieve a somewhat "alien slimy" look to them.  It holds up pretty well so I'm happy.

For the bases, I store all my miniatures in those photo boxes you can get on sale at Michael's for $ 2/per.  The ones with all the "peace, love, etc." and fancy designs on them.  I cut flat sheets of metal to put in the bottom of the boxes and then put rare earth magnets under the miniatures' bases for counterbalance.  And then I can just magnet them into the storage boxes so I don't have to untangle the piles each time.

A blessing so far because I store the boxes up high and I'm sure I'd get a bunch of knocking around when I move them up and down.

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