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Fellow T9A wargamers!

I am pleased to announce that OFCC will be having another 2-day "The Ninth Age" tournament for the 4th year in a row!

I will be your TO for this year and I am excited for what this year has brought us. We have seen a recent uptick in T9A activity in the local area, and are ever more connected with our distant neighbors in the broader T9A community. We also have received the long coveted "Gold Edition", so the rulebook today will be the same on game day!

Speaking of game day, this year's T9A event at OFCC will be August 17th and 18th at the Hilton in Vancouver, WA. This will be a 5 game series using deployments and scenarios "mostly" taken out of the T9A rulebook. In keeping with OFCC tradition, there will be some adjustments made to both deployments and scenarios in order to provide some unique twists and narrative to your games. 


The packet can be found at the bottom of this post! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Attendance List:

1) Jake B. (paid)

2) Gage N. (paid) - Vermin Swarm

3) Aron M. (paid) [*Grudge against Steve*]

4) Andrew R. (paid) - Ogre Kingdoms [*Grudge against Ben*]

5) John (our vermin overlord) G. (paid) - Vermin Swarm

6) Donald P. (paid)

7) Steve Y. (Paid) - Orcs 'n' Goblins [*Grudge against Aron*]

8] Ben K. (paid) - Warriors of the Dark Gods [*Grudge against Andrew*]

9) Jason R.(paid) - Orcs and Goblins

10) Stewart R. (paid)

11) Conor K. (paid) - Saurian Ancients

12) Dane L. (paid) - Kingdoms of Equitaine

13) Scott G. (paid)

14) Josh C.

15) Joel F. (Paid)





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49 minutes ago, Yarbicus said:

Believe it or not, this worked! Looks like my 29th anniversary gift a weekend playing t9a with you lot. Further proof that I married well.

Awesome news man! Really enjoyed our game last year (will never forget about the frog punching a Chosen and killing the unit off, haha), hopefully we get to play again this year 😎

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1 hour ago, BenKerr said:

Do we know approximately what time Round 1 will start on Saturday? Just curious to see if it would be worth driving down Saturday morning from Seattle, or if I should plan on staying Friday night. Thanks guys!

Rounds started at... 10am last year? Haven't seen the master schedule for this year, but I would guess it will be similar, if not the same.

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