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Fellow T9A wargamers! I am pleased to announce that OFCC will be having another 2-day "The Ninth Age" tournament for the 4th year in a row! I will be your TO for this year and I am excited f

Thank you to everyone who came out and committed to 15 hours (well 14.5 hours) of wargaming in two days. You are really the weekend warriors that make these events happen. I'll need to get all of

Another OFCC on the books! A huge thank you to @TheBeninator for running another great event! I had a blast, thank you for so much for all of your hard work you put in to making this event happen

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On 5/29/2019 at 2:45 PM, Andrewgeddon said:

Actually got some paint on some models! Forgive the potato quality picture, new lightning is great for painting, but oddly crappy for pictures.

Got the whole army built and primed, now to get the paint on! What is everyone working on for OFCC?

Great start! That blue really pops. I have a ton of the original Kev Adams O&G sculpts from the Kickstarter that I hope to get painted in time.

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Good evening my fellow wargamers. Let me start by apologizing for my complete disconnect with the community these past two months. I don't have a good excuse to provide to you, so I wont bore you with a fake one. This changes NOW!

With that awkward opening line, lets get to the details!

Packet is done, I might balance some of the scoring for the final awards here and there, but the guts of the packet are done. Ill be posting a sign up sheet of players who are coming on the front of this thread. Ill work on getting the packet somehow posted to the front of the thread, or in my signature.

Really excited to see you all, and hope to have another year of great memories. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to reach out!


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On 6/18/2019 at 5:41 PM, BenKerr said:

Any idea of the number of people for this? Painting like mad to get everything done!! 😓


Dont stress it! I mean, we would love to see your minis painted, but nobody will be turned away for having unpainted stuff.

I dont think I have ever fielded a fully painted army. There is always black primed stuff that I forget/ignore.

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Slow progress on the Kings Guard. 4 lazy applications of dry brushing. Not sure if I should wash the models to make the details all pop, or just rely on careful layering for that.

Need a place to add blue as well, since that is the unifying color. Shoulder pads seem like a reasonable spot!IMG-2198.jpg

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