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Hey all!

I am the captain of team Kill! Maim! Beer!, and we are looking for two players to fill out our roster for this year's 40k team event.

Perks of joining our team include (but are not limited to): one KMB branded pint glass, an undisclosed quantity of free beer and/or whiskey, solid (but not impeccable) team paint scores, and the opportunity to game with @Gorgosaurusrex and I (we may be twins, but I swear we are different people). 

An ideal candidate will have some or all of these desired qualifications: takes a laid-back approach to playing 40k (values having a good time more than winning), likes beer (not mandatory), and... well, that's it. Bonus points if you bring an army with snow bases, which will match ours! 

I will be bringing my World Eaters army and Greg will likely field his Valhallans, in case you were wondering.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please submit your resume and cover letter either as a post here or a PM (kidding, but that would be funny).


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I will vouch for the twins, because who doesn't like playing with twins? We we're second last year in sportsmanship, thanks to @PourSpelur and I, but the twins pulled some weight in that category.

Also, @Skkipper is an awesome dude who I have played with and against, in the same game...


Y'all would be a good team of drinking fools throwing dice.

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The twins are actually pretty easy to tell apart once you get to know them a bit.

Ed's a hell of a nice guy, fun to have a beer and game with, has a beautiful army.

Greg is fun to have a beer and game with, is a hell of a nice guy and has a beautiful army.

The easiest way is to remember:

Greg has more "G's" in his name and Ed doesn't have any.

Jokes aside...solid dudes , 5/5 would OFCC again with them in a heartbeat.

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1 minute ago, PumpkinHead said:

I hate to say it but I stole him for my team. @fluger bailed on us so I stole @Skkipper about 5 minutes ago. Sorry guys. 😞

But to make up for it we should battle. Like any good Pokemon player, I choose you Kill! Maim! Beer! to battle us on Saturday.

You're killing me, Saul! Oh well, the search for teammates continues then.

Let me check my calendar, but I'll let you know about Saturday gaming!

4 minutes ago, Skkipper said:

I’m blushing like a school girl but yes I have been taken by pumpkinhead 

I hope he wasn't too rough on you, I know how he can get... you get used to it, though 😉

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9 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

I apparently can't type well. I was meaning to challenge your team at OFCC. But we can also play another time. I need practice with my GSC.

Oh, well that I can definitely do! I accept your challenge. We'll see if you can break your losing streak against me 😆

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5 hours ago, VonVilkee said:

@Gorgosaurusrex @Edosaurus Rex


I'd like to recommend you guys take @SigurdBC. I'd take him myself (excitedly so) but my whole team from last year wants a repeat. So I offer you a stalwart companion for your team, if you'll have him. 

Well any friend of @VonVilkee is a friend of mine! @SigurdBC, send me a PM and we'll work out the details.

1 hour ago, Kingpin said:

Have you filled the open spot? Missed last year would be nice to go this time 

@Kingpin, you are welcome to join! I'll expect you to bring a severely underpowered list to make up for your skill, however (neither @Gorgosaurusrexor I have ever beaten you, which is quite the feat). 

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