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This is my finalized list for OFCC. Still gotta paint the land raider crusader and Belial but the rest of the army is done and okay looking. Ill share better pics as I progress. 

Belial has heard there Fallen nearby and will do anything to get his hands on an informant. His CP from the Vanguard will be spent on Hunt the Fallen for some Lore funness. I Like this composition so far in testing. The Deathwing cant wait to drop in and share the holy word of bolter fire! Bringing to bear a remarkable 31 marines in Terminator armor. 

+++ Sm dark angels OFCC 2019  [138 PL, 2,000pts, 9 CP] +++
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [95 PL, 1,433pts] ++

+ HQ +

*Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armor [6 PL, 102pts]: Storm bolter
. The Eye of the Unseen
*Librarian in Terminator Armor [8 PL, 110pts]: 3) Righteous Repugnance, 6) Mind Wipe, Force sword

+ Troops +
*Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. 4x Scout (Boltgun)
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun
*Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. 4x Scout (Boltgun)
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
*Scout Squad [4 PL, 55pts]
. 4x Scout (Combat Knife)
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword

+ Elites +
*Deathwing Terminator Squad [25 PL, 416pts]: Watcher in the Dark
. Deathwing Sergeant: Storm Bolter & Power Sword
.7x Deathwing Terminator: Power fist, Storm bolter
.2x Deathwing Terminator: Cyclone missile launcher, Power fist, Storm bolter
*Deathwing Terminator Squad [25 PL, 335pts]
. Deathwing Sergeant: Storm Bolter & Power Sword
.9x Deathwing Terminator: Power fist, Storm bolter

+ Heavy Support +
*Land Raider [19 PL, 305pts]: Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter, Twin heavy bolter, Twin lascannon, Twin lascannon

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [43 PL, 567pts] ++
+ HQ +
*Belial [8 PL, 150pts]
. Sword of Silence & Storm Bolter

+ Elites +
*Deathwing Ancient [7 PL, 115pts]: 5. Master of Maneuvre, Lightning Claw (Pair), Warlord
*Deathwing Apothecary [4 PL, 75pts]
*Deathwing Knights [24 PL, 227pts]: Watcher in the Dark
. 5x Deathwing Knight: 5x Storm shield
. Knight Master: Storm shield

((((Image of army below))))


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Hello everyone.

Your army and list look great Nathaniel!

I'm all paid up and here is my final list and some pictures of my 2019 OFCC list. I'm sad that I couldn't work in my Bezerkers and Marauders. 😞 But I'm happy that I get to use 100 Mutant Rabble and Militia along with 4 Daemon Engines! 🙂 


• 2000 pts, Reid Gustafson
• Renegades & Heretics Battalion
• Night Lords Chaos Marine Battalion

Warband Origins: Long ago there was a noble family, the house of Nightfall. They lived in an age of peace and stability established by their world's ruler. Their ruler was Konrad Curze, the fair and just lord of the garden planet Nostramo. And then one day, a corrupt and weak emperor sent an assassin to slay the Lord Curze. The vile assassin succeeded. The emperor then destroyed the paradise that was Nostramo. House Nightfall managed to escape. But since that day they have never forgotten. Vengeance upon the emperor will be theirs!


HQ [67]
• Dneghra Nightfall, Renegade Commander , power sword=29
• Buzzsaw, Renegade Commander, power fist, plasma pistol (5)=38
Dnegrah Nightfall has lead the Nostroman 9th Mercenary Company for decades. She travels the verse, selling her mercenaries' skills to any non-Imperium clients with enough coin. Dnegrah's ancestors were Nostroman nobility, the noble House of Nightfall. They feared Curze but respected his ability to establish order. They seek to avenge Curze's death at the hands of the Emperor. Buzzsaw is Dnegrah's lover. He won her affection through his devotion to Chaos and strict personal code of honor.

ELITES [102]
• Nostramo, Enforcer , power sword=34
• Garok, Enforcer, power sword=34
• Cthulu, Enforcer, power sword=34
The enforcers use fear to keep the troops in line.  

TROOPS [400]
• Sevatar's 1st Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80
• Lobo's 2nd Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80
• Kira's 3rd Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80
• Vicious Pete's 5th Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80
• Zeva's 7th Squad, 20 Mutant Rabble, shotguns=80
The Chaos Militia and Mutant Rabble are a diverse lot. Some fight for coin, some for Chaos, some fight against the fascist Imperium, and some fight for the sake of fighting.

• Hound of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon=50
• Star of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon=50
Sentinels are the Nostroman 9th's mobile antitank firepower.

• Reaver, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, heavy bolter=152
• Khorne's Ire, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, heavy bolter=152
The tank crew are traitor guard who now use their weapons against their former comrades.


HQ [158]
• Dark Techmagus Hoth, Chaos Warpsmith, Mark of Nurgle, power axe, meltagun, flamer=60
• Bolivar, Master of Possession, Mark of Tzeench, force stave, bolt pistol=98
Warpsmith Hoth teamed his Night Lords up with Dnegrah's Renegades & Heretics because he received a vision from the Dark Omnissiah. In the vision he joined with the Chaos Militia to consecrate dozens of Imperium-held worlds in blood. Bolivar has long been Hoth's mentor.

TROOPS [265]
• Jarvak's Death Bats, 5 Chaos Marines, Reaper Chaincannon=85
• Hatred's Sentry Killers, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon=90
• Ninja Joe's Night Masques, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon=90
The Chaos Marines and cultists provide the warband with a lethal, flexible core.

• BloodLady, Blood Slaughterer, Mark of Khorne, pair of Slaughter Blades=165
• 888, Blood Slaughterer, Mark of Khorne, pair of Slaughter Blades=165
BloodLady and 888 scuttle towards the enemy eager to shed blood for the glory of Khorne. 

• Deffy the Defiler with Defiler Claws and Battlecannon, Mark of Khorne, Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon=142
• Mary the Maulerfiend, Maulerfiend fist, Mark of Khorne, lasher tendrils=132
Deffy and Mary are always in the vanguard of the assault competing to see who can get the most kills. 

Total points=2,000

Number of Models=130 (122 infantry, 6 walkers, 2 tanks)

Command Points=13 (3 base, 2 battalions)













I still need to paint up the 2 traitor Russes and about 50 troopers still need names added to their bases. I had better get cracking!



The Nostroman 9th, "Hell's Horde!"

Night Lords, "The quick and the dead."





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Got NatoSicarius's and Tallarn Commander's Lists and photos up. I need to double check my list to make sure it actually matches the Models I have, but it's essentially finalized. If there's anything, it's just a matter of an Aspiring Champion being in a different Squad or something. Hopefully WiP pics up by the weekend.

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