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... is right around the corner. 



I really couldn’t be happier with where the game is currently at. After putting a lot of effort into the masters I play throughout the opened and closed Betas Im really pleased with their playability and balance on the table. 

The design team has made the game more accessible and streamlined in a way that doesn’t sacrifice depth but is more organized for new players coming in. Crews aren’t as complex, the new keyword system has really limited the amount of study required before. It won’t take as long to understand how a crew is supposed to function and or what models work best with which master. With Keywords thematic models are designed to work together, share abilities, and support their narrative master. 

Schemes and Strategies are what make this game shine though. This part of the game is where experience and access will make the difference. Understanding that Malifaux isn’t all about killing is key to scoring VP consistently to win. A lot of the time tabling an opponent doesn’t mean they can’t still win the game. It happens.  

The game comes down to solid tactical planning at speed. Determine the strat, schemes, and deployment. Reveal factions/leaders. At this point you have enough information to build a crew for the scenario and opponents leader. Once the crews are hired and revealed, schemes are secretly chosen and only revealed upon scoring the first point. 

The amount of decisions and the limitations within a 54 deck of cards really creates a game where the player who wins typically made less mistakes or better decisions throughout. Games are won through timing, cunning, resource management, and a little bit of luck. Games between two evenly skilled players tend to always come down to a vp or two. Meaning they’re really close and engaging games that require your total attention for each activation. It’s an extremely fun and fully engaging. 

I highly recommend that anyone that’s sitting on old models get back in. The rules and cards will be free for download and all models are still represented in 3E! 

New playes, it’s an inexpensive entry and fewer models to paint and collect in order to start. Obviously investments tend to balloon if you’re having fun. There is plenty to collect for each faction and a crap ton of different models. 

I know @pretre has some crews and models up in his store, hit him up. All of those models are still viable. 

Im a local henchmen and play Tuesday’s at The Portland Game Store. Send me a PM if you’d like a demo. I have plenty of crews to demo with. 


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15 minutes ago, Fixxer said:


I know @pretre has some crews and models up in his store, hit him up. All of those models are still viable. 

Thanks, dude!

We do indeed have a ton of Malifaux (a lot NIB or in good shape on down to 'needs work but could be a good start for a new player') here:


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