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OUR questions about the new IG dex


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First one.  


1.  There seems to be no limitation on using the Ld of a joined Battle Brothers IC to pass orders (this was FAQed with the last codex, but is now down.).  Did I miss something here?


2.  Similarly, the priest must pass a leadership test to get his battle hymns to work.  Can he use the Ld of a joined IC like a commissar lord or an Inquisitor?  


3.  Can one do multiple battle hymns, like one per fight sub phase?  That's what it seems to imply, but that seems crazy and cumbersome.  

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1) Nope, right now you can use BB Ld.

2) This is the same problem in AS and Inq. Sort out with opponent before game.

3) Codex: AM and AS

"War Hymns: A Ministorum Priest can take a Leadership test at the beginning of each Fight sub-phase in which he is locked in combat. If the test is successful, choose one of the following war hymns to immediately take effect."

Fight Sub-Phase is the entirety of dealing of blows to each other. (Page 20) There's only one per assault per turn. So each player turn of the assault, he picks one. If you have 3+ priests though, you can benefit from all of them.

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What does the Enginseer's PoTMS actually do?

Sounds dumb but I just don't get it;)


Page 40 of the Main Rulebook.

In a turn in which the vehicle neither

moves Flat Out nor uses smoke

launchers, the vehicle can fire one more

weapon at its full Ballistic Skill than

normally permitted. In addition, this

weapon can be fired at a different target

unit to any other weapons, subject to the

normal rules for shooting.

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The question in regards to PotMS and Leman Russes, is does that mean I can fire my hull and sponson weapons at one thing and then the main cannon at something else and not have to fire snap shots?  


Regardless, it could be marginally useful if you have a hull/sponson load out of heavy bolters on, say, a Vindicator chassis and use that other shot to go after a vehicle.  


I'm just not sure if it is worth it.  

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Ahhh, to split fire in squadrons.  That is also good.  Didn't think of it that way.  


So you could prescience a squad of two, then PotMS them and then have them split fire at two different targets.  I see this being mostly useful for Vanquishers or maybe two Punishers.  

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