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Barca's Immersion Games - Saturdays monthly at Guardian Games

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Barca's Immersion Games
WHAT: A variety of popular and immersive board games
WHEN: Monthly, Usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month, JUNE to DECEMBER 2019
START/END: 11:30 AM to 5 PM or 7 PM, depends on game
WHERE: Guardian Games, Portland, OR, in the Big Dungeon Room
FEE: $5 per person, to cover room rental. Sign up and pay fee at the Guardian Games front register on the morning of the game, before Dice Drop.
WHY: Dive into a different world or step into a role unlike anything you've ever done. Cure disease outbreaks. Lead your tribe to build the foundation of civilization. Survive the Zombie apocalypse. Find fortune and glory a la 'Indiana Jones', and much more.

Each month we will explore and experience a different game. If you want to learn the basics before jumping into the full game, come to our "Jumpstart Session'. Experience level: We expect that most people will NOT have prior experience with the game, so we will have a jumpstart session.

If you already have experience, or are familiar with the rules, then arrive before 'Dice Drop' and dive in to the deep end of the gaming pool. 'Brace for impact!' with a great game.

SAT June 22nd (4th SAT) - Pandemic (2-4 players) + Pandemic: On the Brink (2-5 players)
SAT July 20 (3rd SAT) - Stone Age (2-4 players)
SAT August 17 (3rd SAT) - Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (2-5 players)
SAT September 28 (4th SAT) - Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game (2-5 players), preferred 4-6 players
SAT October 26 (4th SAT) - Halloween Double Feature: Zombies!!!  (2-6 players) + Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game (2-6 players)
SAT November 23 (4th SAT) - Risk Game of Thrones - Deluxe Edition (2-7 players)
SAT December 21 (3rd SAT) - TBD: Player's Choice -- NOTE: End time for this session only = 6 PM

SCHEDULE per event:
Setup: 11:00 AM
Jumpstart Session - walkthrough for new players (20 min): 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Break and reset: 11:50-11:59 AM
Dice Drop - game Start: 12 PM / Noon
Duration: 2-5 hours, occasionally more.
End of 1st session, for short games: about 2 PM
End time for long games or 2nd session: 5 PM to 7 PM
                This depends on the game length and players choice.
When games are short, we will have 2-3 sessions, which include 1) the Basic Game or intro level; 2) harder level or Advanced game or variant or expansion

FREQUENCY: Usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month, JUNE to DECEMBER 2019

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We have 1 request for "The Grizzled".

If this game is more preferred over another game on the list, or makes the cut for "Player's Choice", then we will put it on the schedule.

The Grizzled is a cooperative game about survival in the trenches during the first World War where players win or lose together.

BGG link.

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Have one sign up and two other possible.Use our meetup to reserve your seat:

barca's Immersion Games
presents "Stone Age, the Anniversary Edition"
On Saturday, July 20th at Guardian games - In the Big Dungeon Room
Start time: 11:00 AM - $5.00 fee - towards room rental
Up to 4 players. Sign up on our meetup:

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