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ITCIcon.jpg.feae3afac62b4f87d491107b5593c211.jpgBest Coast Pairings

ITC Rogue Trader Tournament

Frontline Gaming Independent Tournament Circuit

BCP Event registration: OFCC Friday ITC Open

Event Tickets: Ordo Fanaticus Store

OFCC Warhammer 40K Friday Open Best Coast Pairings

1 Day, 3 game 2000 point Tournament at OFCC held at the Downtown Vancouver Hilton 

Event Opening at 10:00 AM Friday, August 16, 2019

Staggered Start:

Iteration 1: Start Time 10:00 AM Fri, 3 matches, 3rd Match beginning 4:30 PM

Iteration 2: Start time 4:30 PM Fri, 3 matches, 3rd Match beginning 1030 PM Fri

MAJOR/GT 4th/5th Matches:

---Iteration 1: Option to play 4th/5th Matches either Fri Eve, 4th Match starting 7:30 PM Fri, OR Sat Eve 4th Match starting 6:30 PM Sat

---Iteration 2: 4th/5th Matches starting 6:30 PM Sat

-Note: 6:30 PM is approx/awaiting OFCC 40k CC timeline.

For those players who won't be able to make it until later games this tournament will have 5 rounds of play available Fri, starting at 10 AM. Round 3 starts at 4:30 PM, ending at 1 AM Sat. TO will conduct pairings and scores will be submitted to the TO. This will allow players to play their first RTT scored round at 4:30. TO will input scores to BCP. BCP Scoring will be finalized by EOT. 

If there is enough interest, a possible alternative timeline for a full 5 match tournament for those players who are unable to show up at 10 AM Fri is 2 rounds of play Sat night.

Registration through Best Coast Pairings.

Tickets: $20 from the Ordo Fanaticus Store. Ordo Champ ticket price is 15$. Get your tickets NOW, NOW, Now, now.. 

There will be approximately 35 tables available for Warhammer 40k match play.

Planned Start time: 10:30, Swiss Pairings/Final BCP Scoring.

Paint Required: 3 paint colors and basing minimum.

Models WYSIWYG: Counts as must be matching height/width and reviewed by TO.

Missions: Currently ITC Champions Missions 2-6, random deployment. However, there is a Poll up for people to vote on to discuss if they want  28 card Maelstrom Annhilation using Chapter Approved 2019, ITC Combined Arms Missions or a modified ITC ChampLite mission set (I am still working on it)

Codex Cutoff: After August 1, 2019 no newly released codices will be used.

Both OFCC and ITC codes of conduct will be in effect.


10:00 Event Opens

10:30 First Round

1:30 2nd Round

4:30 3rd Round 

7:30 4th Round 

10:30 5th Round

Ending 1:00AM August 17, 2019

Standard Match times 2:30 hours with 30 minutes TO discretion/break time between rounds.

Prize Draw Metrics:

Best In Faction

Most Favorite Opponent (Sportsmanship)

Player's Choice (Paint/Presentation)

Hobby Tracking (Paint/Presentation)

Won/Played (Gamesmanship)

Event Posting is WIP

Questions/Comments/Concerns my phone is 503-957-7906 or PM me, @peter.cosgrove.



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It would be more accurate to say this will be open tables all day Friday. Tshift is also going on. Some people won't be able to make it at 10 AM, so for those people who can only play 3-4 games the tables will be open and battlescore will be conducted on BCP. I will be there until EOT and will pair people.

So, if you can only show up for the 4:30 game, for example, you will still get 3 games in. 

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"This is very confusing, why the two start times?"

A Rogue trader tournament is 3 matches, This RTT was originally set up to start at 10AM with enough time slots for 5 games on Fri to not conflict with the OFCC Team Event and to also allow for growth into a Grand Tournament/Major as we will have at least 35 40k tables set up by Friday morning. We then had a number of people who could not show up at 10AM but still wanted to play so we set up a second start time at 4:30 PM on Fri to play 3 matches. If we do in fact have enough people to grow into a GT/Major then the original Fri 4th/5th matches will still be available for those players starting at 10 AM and for those people who show up at 4:30 the 4th/5th games will start at approx 6pm on Sat (after the Sat OFCC matches are complete)

"So 3 games on Fri, what if I show up at 10AM on Fri and still want to play 5 games on Fri?"

There will also be a 40k doubles event Friday evening starting at approx 7:30/8PM, Each player on the doubles team brings 1k points. This was a popular event last year and we have decided to do it again this year.

"Are you also going to do Best in Faction?"

Yes, we will be adding Best in Faction to the draw for prizes.

"The BCP page says the event is free, but the OF page says it's 15/20$, why?"

The BCP is for registration for the ITC event and scoring, the ticket sale is through the Ordo Fanaticus webstore. Ordo Fanaticus members get a 5$ discount on the ticket sale and there is a early bird ticket sale discount. Depending on when the ticket is purchased will determine if the price for the RTT is 15$ or 20$ for players who are not currently OF members. 

"How will BCP do the pairings/scoring if the tournament has staggered starts?"

I will be conducting the pairings and enter in the BCP scoring data. The rounds will be closed and the final scores posted either early Sat morning for an RTT or Sunday morning for GT/Major

"Will the paint judging be hobby tracked? What is Players Choice and Most Favorite Opponent?

"yes the paint judging will be conducted with the current ITC/FLG metric at the time of the tournament, the process to conduct this is slightly organic so expect further coordination pieces. Players choice, each player put's votes in for their favorite paint/theme, final votes tallied and added to prize draw. Same with most favorite opponent, each player votes for the player they enjoyed playing the most, final votes tallied and added to prize draw.

"So when exactly will the event end and the prize draw be conducted?"

If the tournament stays an RTT the scoring/prize draw will be done after the final match early sat morning. If the event grows into a full GT/Major then the scoring/prize draw will be done at approx midnight Saturday. It will not be added into the greater prize/recognition event on Sunday afternoon.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, or if you have any comments or concerns, let me know.

Peter Cosgrove

Senator, Ordo Fanaticus

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OK, so I signed up for the Friday event, but the outlet mall store I have to shop at on the way down (or else I won't have any shorts to wear) opens at 10.

I still want to play during the day, so can I drop in on Games 2 & 3 of the Friday morning round and Game 1 of the evening (4:30) round?  (since I'll be playing my OFCC list and not expecting to win any of my games anyway)

Assuming I won't have to spend the time furiously finishing painting, despite the four uninterrupted nights leading up to OFCC, that is.

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