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Opinion Poll for OFCC Friday ITC Open Missions

OFCC Friday ITC Open Missions  

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  1. 1. Player Poll for Friday ITC Open at OFCC

    • ITC Champion's Missions
    • ITC 28 Card Chapter Approved 2019 Maelstrom Annhilation (Still qualifies as an ITC RTT/GT/Major btw)
    • Modified ITC Champ Missions (ChampLite Shifts slightly from the Eternal War format[WIP])
    • ITC Combined Arms Missions (ITC's version of Maelstrom)

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I have already received some comments about Champions Missions VS 28 Card Annihilation so I started this poll to gather some opinions.

Edit: The 28 card annihilation still is an ITC RTT/GT/MAJOR btw. 

The ChampLite missions I am still working on but the general gist is

12 points for round by round (1 pt each for Obj/kill compared to the 24 points [Obj/Kill/Hold more/Kill more]in the current Eternal War format of the Champion's Missions)

12 points for Secondaries (no change from current Champion's Missions)

12 points for missions (each mission is unique)

6 bonus points for mission.

Please bear in mind that this is just an opinion poll not a decision poll. I welcome critical conversation however please keep it positive.

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