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Modeling Questions

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This thread is for any modeling based question we may have.  I have a few and I figured other may have some as well.




1) I am wanting to paint my dwarf models and bases seprately but I don't know what kind of putty to use on the models.  I need to prime and then paint them.  I don't want to use green stuff because I don't want the putty to harden up and not be sure if I am able to detach the model from the putty without the use of an exacto knife.


So, the question is, what is a good, cost effective, putty to use to attach models to for priming and then painting?



2) I am waiting for my Anvil of Doom to arrive at Borderlands and I am thinking of ways I would like to base the model.  I have a basing theme, movement trays included, for the rest of my Dwarf army.  However, the Anvil may be an inch or two higher than normal.  Would the majority of you look down upon this, as it could be considered modeling for an advantage (LoS is higher than normal)?

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Hate to say it but if you plan on painting them separate pinning is the number one wayto go. It will make priming and painting easier by far and if there is paint in between the model and base when you add the final glue it will not hold long.


After a few models it becomes easy and rods are cheap enough to have extra length to stick into cork to hold the model for priming and painting.

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I've done blu tac, but still had the models falls off.  What I ended up doing that worked well was just to put the tiniest bit of glue on one foot of the model and glue it to the base.  Then when it was finished, an exacto blade under that foot and it would pop right off the base.

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