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Mox Boarding house 4/20/19 Tournament.

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Hey Canadians and fellow Bellinghamsters. 

This weekend there will be a Malifaux 3E tournament at the MoX Boarding House in Bellevue. 

Registration starts at 11, Round 1 starts at noon. Hope to see you all there!

Round 1
Flank Deployment
Strat: Corrupted Idols
Schemes: Detonate Charges, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, Claim Jump, Vendetta

Round 2
Wedge Deployment
Strat: Plant Explosives
Schemes: Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Outflank, Deliver A Message

Round 3
Standard Deployment
Strat: Reckoning
Schemes: Harness The Ley line, Search The Ruins, Power Ritual, Assassinate, Claim Jump


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