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Gaslands! This Fall...

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1 hour ago, Torg said:

When I had pre-ordered it I had thought it was an update along with a compiling of all the extra stuff they created.  But I have yet to compare it looking for differences.


I just want to play, not sure where to start. Other than making some cars.


Also I saw some NICE plastic movement templates, dice, etc. I know they're not required, but I am thinking it's an investment in the game and quality of play. Just not sure which ones are needed. Dice and movement templates, is there others? Markers for stress, etc.

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Work in progress shot of a monster truck. I’m leaning towards the name El Diablo 

My copy of Refueled just landed on my porch. 

I was painting Orks but then this happened!  

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Here's a list of all the changes people have compiled:  https://old.reddit.com/r/gaslandsplayers/comments/d5si11/gaslands_refueled_technical_changelog/


The most interesting parts to me are ramps and the new sponsors.  2 of them are pretty involved.  One is  ghost cars that I still haven't wrapped my head around.  The second is drunken bootleggers.  They have to take a trailer or a war rig and can never pick a straight template along with a bunch of other rules.

Skid dice and movement templates are the main things you will use. Counters for hazards and conditions are nice but you can easily made do without them.

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Refueled is more of a “1.5 update” than it is a new edition of the game.

If you already have the “blue book,” but don’t see yourself getting really into Gaslands and only playing it as an occasional “beer ’n’ pretzels” sideline, then I wouldn’t say you absolutely need the new book.

If you don’t already have the “blue book,” obviously you might as well get the new one, because duh.

In either case, the MSRP for Refueled is only $30.00 USD. That shouldn’t be too hard to fit into most folk’s hobby budget.

Acrylic or wooden templates are nice, but you can just print card stock ones off the internet and get by; Proper skid dice are nice, but you can get by with standard D6’s; To-scale accessory bitz are nice, but you can just raid your 40k bitz box for guns and such... or go on Etsy and find dozens of people selling them. (3D printer owners can find files on Thingiverse.) 

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So which vendor have you found a good deal on dice and possibly templates? I noticed they're not all equal. Just looking for something better than paper. But the dice seem like a must have.


Also a lot of the vendors have free shipping with $X, anyone looking for dice, or templates? Found a vendor for $12 template sets in acrylic, and $5 MDF sets. Let me know ASAP if you want me to add a set for you, you'd have to meet me at the club on a Tues to pick up, or I could leave in the locker.

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I preordered my Refueled book and skid dice (which came with a free sprue of accessory bits including a motorcycle and crew) from North Star Figures; they’re UK-based, but everything got to me in about a week from the day they posted it. A year-and-some-change ago, when I bought the original “blue book” edition of Gaslands I ordered it directly from Osprey. I’ve been buying their military history books since grade school and discovered their gaming division a few years back. Truly great stuff like FrostgraveLion RampantBug Hunt, Dracula’s America... But I digress. 

I’ve bought stuff from North Star numerous times over the years and have always had good experiences. They do charge 25% of purchase price (up to £45 max) for shipping, but it’s pretty common for them to run “free shipping” sales.

The US based company, LITKO makes templates and tokens for Gaslands. I haven’t bought stuff for this game from them, but I’ve bought a ton of other stuff from them over the years (adhesive-backed flexible steel and magnetic bases were a godsend for my old infantry-heavy WHFB Empire army!).

Oodles of people on Etsy and Shapeways are selling Gaslands stuff too. But caveat emptor...

(And if anyone wants to get really nuts, Dollar Tree will sell you a full seventy-two car case of Hot Wheels for $72. With free in-store pickup.) 

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4 hours ago, Ish said:

I would definitely be interested joining a “car pool” if we decided to do a combined shipping order.

Bulk Ordered the below items. Even if you buy them separately, still a good deal.



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BRIMSTONE [ 50 Cans ]

Monster Truck (25 Cans Base)

Weapons: Harpoon Turret (6 Cans); Smoke Dropper, Side-Mounted (1 Can); Molotov Cocktails (1 Can)

Upgrades: Armor Plating (4 Cans)

Sponsor: Maxxine 

Perks: Momentum (3 Cans); Purring (6 Cans); Schadenfreude (2 Cans); Taunt (2 Cans)

You gotta love a smoke-belching, fire-throwing, up-armored monster truck that can do pirouettes... Probably not the most sane build, but Gaslands is the kind of game where sanity doesn’t count for much.

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"Moto Fanaticus" sounds like a nice name for the club's Gaslands campaign. Especially since the latin for "motor" and "dead" all stem from the same roots. I got bored at threw together a logo.

I'm thinking that if we do make Gaslands a regular thing, the Televised Seasons rules in Gaslands Refueled (pp. 156 - 164) seem perfect for club play. Teams start at a modest 30 Cans, grow at a modest pace, and there's a hard cap of eight vehicles per player. It also has rules baked in for what to do if less than half the players show up for a scheduled game night.

But in the meantime, there's plenty of fun to be had just playing pick-up games.


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