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Entry fee is $20, and all entry fees go to prize support. ALL Prizes will be drawn for. To be eligible for the drawing, you must have finished all three games, you must have been a good sportsman and all your models must meet the three color standard. Best General, Best Sportsman and Best Painted will receive additional tickets for the drawing.
Doors open at 10:00, and dice will drop at 10:30. Parking at the end of the mall (The Macy's end) closest to the shop is recommended.
2000 Point ITC Battleforged armies are allowed.
All Chapter Approved is in effect. Bolter Beta rule will also be.
Models must be WYSIWYG and meet the usual ITC painting standard (3 color minimum etc...), Conversions or questions about this should be approved by the TO well ahead of time.
To preregister, PM me OR post your full name, e-mail address, club you belong to (if any) and precise sub-faction you wish your ITC points to go to. We find this speeds things up considerably and reduces no shows. That's especially important since we will have limited attendance!
REMEMBER: the ITC had decreed that if you take, say, an Imperial Knight with your Space Wolves, you must compete as "Imperial" and not as Space Wolves nor Imperial Knights. So when reporting your faction to me, remember that. Similar examples are when you use Dark Eldar and Eldar together they are no longer competing as either but instead as Aeldari.

 ITC Missions packet

Favebook link


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Pics of the battlefields are up on the FB page.

Is your stuff painted? HAVE YOU printed out lists for each opponent (if not, start printing). Have you gotten your tape measure, dice, stratagem cards and the like into your box ready to transport? Have you told your lovely significant other not to expect you at all Saturday? If so, you're ready!

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Smashing success!!!  All tables were filled and good times were indeed had.


Hi-lites for me were the top table, which was a player just returning to 40K, using Grey Knights, no less.  WTG Michael Halverson.  Whuuuuuuut are the odds of that?  But it happened and we had some very strong armies there so it was significant.

My PERSONAL favorite conversion was Hank Adams and his hilarious Knight with its huge bonnet and dress.  Yes really.  It was great.  One of our players, Josh Reyes, had a really good looking Chaos Knight he converted up as a table ornament which wasn't in his army, but it was very cool also.  Shout out to the hobby mastaz at this event.  Just a ton of REALLY good looking armies.

Best Sportsman honors went to Ben Jeffries and his Dark Angels.  Good jerb.

Best General went to Timothy Alexander and his brutal Adeptus Mechanicus.  He's been refining that list with increasingly deadly results, and it finally clicked into place for him when it mattered most.  Fun moment in the finak game was when Drago cut the Castellan Knight to pieces and exploded it, kilking 5of his own Kataphrons, nearly killing Cawl, and a huge swath of Grey Knights and other things.  Pretty epic.

Best painted was determined by our guest paint judge, Rinn (thanks for the far more expert eye than I have).  Rory Corpuz was our winner for Best Paint!!!

Thanks a lot to everyone who made it a fun event. I expect I'll see many of you at the June 29th fund raising event.  Feel free to post your pics on the Facebook event page!!!



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