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M3E Launch! June 28th!!

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22 hours ago, Mach_5 said:

Stoked for the faction books!  I'm looking forward to all the new things.

Absolutely. The edition plays wonderfully on the table. I think its a massive improvement from M2E which was a game I absolutely fell in love with after the demise of WHFB. With that, the new edition really capitalizes on the good of 2E while omitting the bad/troublesome.

 I think we are going to see some returning and new players getting into the game here upon release as the new rules are very inviting to newer/returning players. Its not the quagmire that M2E turned into in terms of model bloat and power creep. I think we have gotten to a point where all masters/keywords can be viable if played correctly and into the right encounters. 

I hope to have a tournament planned for the first weekend of July and will confirm once the FLGS confirms availability. 

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