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Flames of War Stalingrad Event - Mid War June 29th

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Phyfor88 and I will be running a Stalingrad themed event at Geeks and Games in Oregon City. The details are as follows:


Event: Stalingrad firestorm event - Mid War

Date: Sat. June 29th

Location: Geeks and Games, 1656 C Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045


Setup - 10:00am (help is always welcome)

Round 1 - 10:30am. 2.5 hour game

lunch break - 1:00pm. 1 hour

Round 2 - 2:00pm. 2.5 hour game

Round 3 - 5:00pm. 2.5 hour game

Wrap up / prizes 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Allowed Forces / Books: Mid War German and Russian books, Iron Cross, Ghost Panzers, Afrika Corps, Enemy at the Gates, Red Banner, and Avanti (Italians were participating outside Stalingrad).

Points: There will be two table sizes, 6x4 tables will be used for the areas outside the city. For fighting in Stalingrad the tables will be 3x4 and will use a reduced force size.

6x4 table : 100 pts

3x4 table : 50 pts

Players can bring two lists, 1 of each points level but must be from the same nation.

Entry fee: $20 per person (entry fees will go directly to prize support and all participants will receive prize support or gift certificate at the end of the event).

Geeks and Games are wrapping up the expansion of their store and hopefully we will be able to play in the new gaming area. We will most likely have 6 6x4 tables but two of those tables will be divided into 4 3x4 tables for city fights. This allows for for a total of 8 tables and 16 players maximum.



1. James B.

2. Ben (Bpoli7)

3. Ryan (lazarus)

4. Christian B.







1. Steve Z.

2. Nelson (Phyfor88)

3. George B. (Italians)

4. Dan L. (Danimal)






Please post if you are interested in attending this event, what force you could bring and potentially a force you could supply to a fellow player if you are comfortable with that.


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<--------<<<   This guy is interested.  Will play Germans for food and warm clothes.


I don't have an extra force, but I do have extra German & Russian pieces available to help.

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1. I plan on being there.

2. I will bring Soviet infantry: Rifle, SMG, storm group + guns and armored cars, 1 sniper

3. I can loan:

  • Germans: 1 Grenadier HQ, 2 Grenadier platoons of infantry, armored cars, 1 Early StuG, Pz III 7.5cm short (a.k.a. "Panzer III Ausf. N" Infantry support tank), Pz II, sniper, maybe some infantry guns, Pz IV short, Pz IV long
  • Russians: lots of rifle teams, KV tanks, artillery (76 & 122), 45mm AT guns

4. I recommend small forces, between 35 and 65 points.

Earlier in June we can run a practice or playtest session using 2 tables at GG I have already reserved: Flames of War Battles on Sat, June 1, 1:30pm – 5:00pm at Guardian Games

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If we end up doing it as a fire storm event we will use smaller points level for the small city fight tables. The battles outside of Stalingrad will be at higher points and will be on 4x6 tables like a typical FoW game. Check back once we iron out more details. I am currently looking for a copy of Firestorm Stalingrad so if anyone has one or knows of a store that has it let me know.

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BTW, I can also loan the following 100-pt tank forces from Iron Cross:

  1. Pz IV Tank Company with Pz III platoon
  2. Pz III Tank Company with StuG Assault Battery
  3. PZ III Tank Company with Marders and Captured KV-1

I can also loan the following 100-pt tank force from Red Banner:

  • T-34 Tank Battalion with T-34's and T-70's

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I am working up terrain for one of the 3x4 city fight tables.

What kind of east front terrain can anyone help us out with?

I dont think we would have trouble filling out the tables but it would be nice to have east front terrain.

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For fighting on the 3x4 tables we will be using the city fighting rules out of the mid war east front books, iron cross, and enemy at the gates. There is only about two pages of rules and most of it is pictures.

For the standard 6x4 tables we will just use standard rules.

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18 hours ago, lazarus said:

i can bring Germans and Russians for this both point levels as well as terrain for eastern front tables including plenty of buildings.

Great. Bring some terrain and mark it so we know it's yours we may need to intermingle with store terrain.

I think bringing both sides will allow us some flexibility in case one side is more heavily attended. I am hoping to get a sense of who will be playing on each side so please let me know which side is your first choice and I'll add you to th he roster on that side for now.

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phyfor88 and I ran two missions in the city fighting rules. We still have some playtesting to do.

One mistake we made was assuming that a unit could only assault one adjacent room. This is not true. On page 61 of the handbooks that contain the city fighting rules, the assaulting unit has two arrows for their assault. "The Assaulting player chooses one or more enemy-held Rooms Adjacent to Rooms held by the Assaulting Unit. These are the Contested Rooms"

In the search for advice and clarifications of city fighting rules, I only found one article that was helpful.  I pasted the writer's comments below:

City Fight thoughts and experiences By Benny Christiansen, March 29, 2019

we found that due to having a very small area on the ground floor, it became extremely bloody during assaults, as any assault that got through, would take out the teams on ground floor first, and hope that the Counter Attack roll failed so the entire force in that room would die.

Here, we learned an important lesson. The houses HAVE to be big. The teams can deploy on any floor. The forces deployed on the ground floor have to be chosen carefully, as they might die instantly. So if you, like us, do not have the BF houses meant for this, make sure your houses have large enough rooms.

We found that the bigger tables (120*120 cm) were fun and playable.  If you did not, however, primarily field infantry, it would be very time consuming to go where the action is with your vehicles.

Fun is a relative term and as such, I encourage people to play with the smaller tables if you want to use tanks in the game. Roads in the city are limited to terrain dash, which makes sense, but it also means that city tables with a decent amount of terrain on it, will limit your mobility a lot. If you like it, as some of my guests did, larger tables allow for more maneuverability

HMG platoon handles being shot at... I found them positively thrilling to use, pinning my opponent over and over and over again.

Height and size of buildings matters a lot
However, the size of the building changed the game dramatically.

I find City Fight to be very intense and entertaining.
The only downside seems to me, is that it was very much focused on getting the defensive fire down to a point where you could assault, and when you assault, usually, you obliterate the opponent. I wonder if that is the case in most situations?


Although these articles were inspiring and entertaining, they did not offer any real tips nor clarifications of rules:






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