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Anyone have excess MTG cards?

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A buddy of mine successfully enticed me to get back into Magic the Gathering. I don't own any cards anymore, so I figured I'd ask if anyone has excess that they'd just give me?

Not concerned with value or condition. Ideally I want enough black/artifact cards to make a Black Deck for EDH(that's the one where the deck has no duplicates). But I'll take what I can get and would be happy with even just a few free cards towards rebuilding this addictive hobby...

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3 hours ago, Purajh said:

Pax, Let me put something together for you and perhaps I can get it to someone that can get it down to GG for you. give me a couple days though.

To confirm your looking for black/artifact mono color commander deck?

Yup, mono black/artifact. And Thanks.

I did get ahold of a few cards. I got a black legend for the commander, some random black cards and about 20 swamps.

Was at GG today. Cards are a lot cheaper than I remembered. 

Still have no clue what direction the deck is going, though my play style leans towards making the game more aggravating for all players....

Anywho, would be happy getting anything. 

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Hmmm... nevermind this thread. I splurged and now I'm the one with excess magic cards. I don't feel right asking for charity MTG anymore. Thanks to @Purajh and @Brandon for their kind offers of support.

If anyone wants to trade a pile of excess cards for another player's excess cards,  I'd be down for that. You know, "one person's trash is another person's treasure," sort of trade.

Though if someone does have excess black cards they just don't want, I would be happy to take them.

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