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Siege of Psi Delta - X: a kill team campaign - Starting in June!

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36 minutes ago, Sgt. Rock said:

@ninefinger, do I have it right?

Yep! You’re right on track.  I will be at most all of the game nights at wow, in the near future, so I’ll be able to double check and walk folks through.  


If if anyone is interested in counting their games while playing elsewhere, just shoot me a pm with the basics, and I’ll ask questions to fill in any gaps, and make sure you eat everything you qualify for. 



One teensy note on your above examples - on troop choices you can only count each type once in a night, so winning all your games would only net you 1 troop, while a win and a loss gets you two.  

If you won last week and are adding to that score sheet, you can count a win this week as an additional troops choice.   


Hopefully this is an incentive to try different lists, or play unbalanced narrative missions, etc, rather than just plan on beating face each time you play. 

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5 minutes ago, Jay said:

I painted my Kommandoz. 54B66DC5-7A98-4818-84FF-09554EF0F814.thumb.jpeg.66469abc0fdd578a90c6f5bceabb814b.jpeg



On 6/7/2019 at 9:35 AM, Huffnpuff said:

I would like to try for some games this weekend, like possibly Saturday late afternoon. Would anyone be around that would like to kill some Nids? I could also try for Sunday morning but I have some other commitments after about 1:00pm. 


Sorry I didnt make contact sooner! My weekend had been tied up this week, but let me know what you can do next one?!  I can probably be a little more flexible then. 

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Alright, I’ve been lax in my updates here.



but in June, Jay, Tyler and Brett were Or prize winners.  


The station suffered bombardment, with forces in squares on the edge of the board being destroyed on a 4+ roll.  



In July, there are three objectives on the board that are moving randomly (d8) on a 3+ every Tuesday.   One of them is a fake, but the three locations will be revealed at GN on 7/30.


I have a sneaking suspicion that the station will be bombarded again, after that, but surely the objectives are TOO CRITICAL to risk, right?


(I’ll edit in some photos into this post when I get a chance)



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We’ll be wrapping this up tonight, but that’s by no means an end to the killing of your teams!


thanks so much to everyone who took part this summer, I feel like this has been a huge success!!


ill draw prizes after the final games tonight, and make the announcements of who has been the winners.  I’ll also post up some stats and awards.


Im definitely open to doing more leagues of Kill Team, in this or another format , running tournaments or Saturday narrative events, AND would be more than happy to help YOU get something off the ground if you’ve got a brilliant idea of something to do at the club or on the forum.



id love any feedback you have, as well.   Feel free to drop it in here or send me a PM.

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