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There are two slots open, due to drops.  If you do register, make sure to upload your list immediately as well.  We're on the home stretch.

I am now going to be posting the Silent Auction items and I'll post up the instructions.  We have some fantastic things to sell and you should be able to get really awesome deals while helping a great cause.  Even IF you cannot play in the event, you should come for the silent auction.  It will mostly be done online of course but you'll need to be there to pick up yer prizes.

The link to register, here again:


The Facebook group to follow along with the auction and the tournament in general:



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Here are the auction rules:

Make sure when you go to the link, that you click on "interested" or "Going" to make sure you can access the Facebook event page.  If you don't have Facebook, get a friend to help!

Bids should be sent to Jaclyn McCoy through Facebook PM, not on the items themselves.
All items have a number on them identifying their lot number. Pay close attention to that number when you bid. Don’t get it wrong!
You can bid multiple times for the same item. When you bid, you bid by specifying the item number and amount like this:
“$13 for 16”. This means you are committing $13 for the item we have marked as #16. Keeping it simple like this will make Jaclyns job much easier.
You can only bid in whole dollars. For example, you could bid $11, but not $11.03.
If you win one, congratulations! Cash must be received by the day of the tournament and you must pick your item up at the Game Matrix event on June 29th, or elect someone to do it for you. If someone else is picking it up for you, you need to let us know.
Once you have bid, you are committing that money to Flugers family, so keep in mind that if the top bidder does not show up, you may still win the bid.
Top bids will be updated periodically, to give you the chance to bid again, so keep an eye on it.
Final bids will be taken at 5PM June 28th, to give us time to prepare everything to be delivered to its new homes and ALSO give us breathing room to do the tournament prep we need to do!

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