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6/1 - Heatbending Plastics Workshop

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Hey Ordo,


This Saturday, starting at 10:00, I’m going to lead a terrain workshop on working with Thermoplastics at the Ordo Clubhouse     All are welcome.  


We’ll be working with foamed PVC sheets and  acrylic and go over the basics of working with thermoplastics and how to use them in building terrain.  


We’ll do some heat bending, go over using solvent glues and how to flame polish acrylics.  You’ll get some hands on experience and get to help Ordo in our next big terrain project. 


Feel free to post comments and questions here: https://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/212199-heat-bending-workshop-61/



As a warning, we will do our best to ventilate, but there will likely be some VOCs kicking around, so if you’re particularly sensitive to fumes, you may wish to avoid this one. 


Hope to see you there!


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