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H: CSM, DE, SM, AM(IG) W: $$$, Knights, AM, ammo, SM


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I have a bunch of Necrons I'm looking to get rid of. 


3 Lords

Destroyer Lord

about 40-50 warriors

10 immortals

15-20 destroyers

20 scarab bases



Make me offers.


For Chaos Marines


Everything but the Thousand Sons are new in box (and those are half assembled)


termie lord/sorcerer

jump pack lighting claws lord

pwr armor sorcerer

3 oblis 




3-4 boxes worth of Thousand Sons w/ sorcerers.


Also looking to sell....


Black primed godhammer Land Raider


2 lascannon preds (one painted above table top quality as DA, other unprimed)


Fantasy Flight Horus Heresy board game (all pieces in box)


old pewter sniper scouts (15) and 3 pewter hvy bolter ones


box of about 50 or so Space Marines and 5-10 Terminators that have a plethora of paint jobs and skills.  Mostly bolters and sergeants, though there are some special weapons scattered about.  Some power weapons in there too.  Will give extremely good deal.  Most need stripping.





Obviously cash is first option.


unpainted Wyrens, lascannon AM Cadian heavy weapon teams, Imperial Knights, Yarrik, Coteaz, or Priests models, space marine bikes


actual firearms.  Pistols, ARs, shotguns, ammo (.223 or .556 rounds mainly)  Ammo scalpers can [big bad swear word] off. 


Shoot me a PM if you think you've got something I may want or I have something you may want.  I live in Corvallis but could regularly travel to Salem, Portland and even Seattle for events, but I'm not opposed to shipping.  Let's make a deal!


If you are serious and want pictures I will get some to you, I just typed this up in class instead of paying attention to the lecture so don't really have any photos on hand. 







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