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OFCC 40K Team Event - Team List and Challenge Thread

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Current and future OFCC 40K Teams!

This thread will serve as the list of 40K Teams and their Saturday Challenges. For those of you who did not see it in the Player's Guide, each team can leverage a challenge against another team for each of their 3 Saturday matches. 

In order for a challenge to be recognized, both teams must agree to it.

Over the next few days I will start populating this first post with the Team Names and Captain Names to facilitate the process (once I start combing through the other threads, PMs, emails, FB posts, and all the other ways I have been notified of teams.)

If you want to bypass my impressive cataloging system then feel free to list the information below. 🙂

Team Diversity - Captain: Xavier319 (Sean)
Ordo East - Captain: Craeat (Robert)
Team Fate - Captain: Ash (Mike)
Team Fury - Captain: zcaust83 (Chris)
Infil-Traitors - Captain: WestRider (Alexis)
Warhamsters - Captain: VonVilkee (Corey)
Get of my LAN - Captain: Manethak (Troy)
Silence of the Warp - Captain: peter.cosgrove (Pete)
Kill! Maim! Beer! - Captain: Edosaurus Rex (Ed)
Fanger Zone - Captain: Chappy (Gary)
Team BDSM - Captain: PumpkinHead (Saul)
Team Ad Hoc - Captain: Frobakk (Todd)
Goin' Xenos - Captain: Dark Trainer (Matt)
Imperial Fist Bump - Captain: KAP (Karl) 
Team Plan B - Captain: BigTal (Joel)
Team Grim Drunk - Captain: Venom (Mike)

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On 6/11/2019 at 10:09 AM, evil_bryan said:

We have our first Challenge!

Fanger Zone versus Get off my LAN has been recorded

@Manethak and @Chappy  - prepare yourselves!

Hey! I challenged team imperial krusaders @Lyraeus quite awhile ago in their thread here is a reminder... @evil_bryan

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