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OFCC 40K Team Event - Team List and Challenge Thread

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Is this...unexpected?

Team Fury's first challenge will be to Silence the Warp. As a full team of denizens of said warp, we don't take kindly to being told to be quiet. We wish to be very loud and obnoxious.  @evil_bry

SOTW is satisfied to accept this worthy challenge.

Team Ad Hoc ][: Ad Hoc~der loudly proclaims that no team is brave enough to challenge us for our last available challenge.

Who among you will step up to the challenge?

(Added incentive: I bribe the opposing team with Mead and baked goods)

EDIT: I didn't mean bribe, I meant payola.

EDIT 2: No, pardon me, my language was imprecise... instead of payola I meant largesse.

EDIT 3: Hey, are there any Canadian teams to challenge? Maybe we can get some  emolument action  happening.

EDIT 4: Well, technically it's not graft because all of the items being proffered are homemade and therefore don't have a  readily assigned monetary value...

EDIT 5: Boy, that Ethics in the Corporate Workplace seminar was unexpectedly useful, wasn't it?

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15 hours ago, VonVilkee said:

Let's make it official!

@Edosaurus Rex @evil_bryan


We danced around this challenge earlier in the year time to make it official since I got one left!

That's right, we did! I had meant to formally issue a challenge but that ended up slipping my mind.

Let it be known that Kill! Maim! Beer! and the Warhamsters officially have a challenge. 

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23 minutes ago, Xavier319 said:

Anyone else wants some of team D, let me know! I'm feeling pugnacious!

Hey... you got your pugnacity on my bribes! Or I got baked goods & Mead on your pusillanimousness.

How'bout your and my teams Fight?

@evil_bryan , @Frowbakk 's Team Ad Hoc ][: Ad Hoc~der challenges @Xavier319 's Team Diversity to fill up both of our challenge schedules.

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