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Clarification in Missions, V4 LateWar rulebook

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Going through the NEW V4 Flames of War Rulebook they rolled out with the Late War (copyright 2019 inside the cover), I was looking at the missions and spotted some clarification.  Look at the missions and at the bottom WINNING THE GAME (ex.FREE FOR ALL, p106) "A player wins if they END THEIR TURN Holding one of the Objectives that they placed on the opponent's side of the table".

Now turn to p102


You are Holding an Objective if you START you turn with a Tank, Infantry, or Gun team within 4" of an Objective, and end it with no opposing Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams within 4" of that Objective. (so now this concept is official and no longer derived from the MORE MISSIONS pdf posted on the webpage)

Objectives cannot be Held by Tank Teams that are Bailed Out, Aircraft, Transports, or Independent Teams. Nor can these teams prevent the enemy from Holding an Objective. (pay attention to the key words at the top of the unit cards)

Teams that Moved at Dash speed cannot take an Objective nor prevent the enemy from taking it. (that's now "too little too late" so no racing over to keep the game from ending)

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I went through page by page comparing the new LW copyright 2019 rule book to the original MW rulebook looking for changes. Here is what I found.

1. Main body of rules are still intact.

2. country specific special rules were updated to include Americans and Russians, to add LW specific special rules and take out MW only special rules.

the biggest changes are in the Missions area

3. NEW definition of HOLDING OBJECTIVE

4. NEW method of determining winner for each Mission

5. Chart added for determining who is attacker and what mission to use (all based on each players choice of attack, mobile, defend preferences).

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