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X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha

Assault on Imdaar Alpha  

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  1. 1. Which day do we want the tournament to be on?

    • Friday, May 30th
    • Saturday, May 31st
    • Sunday, June 1st

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FFG put up their list of stores that got in for the Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview event and we're on the list!


For those not in the know, here is a link to the latest news article, but basically this is a special preview tournament where the top four winners will get their pick of the new Wave 4 ships BEFORE they release!


For those interested in attending, we have a choice on when we want this to happen. Our choices are Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st, or Sunday June 1st. As we typically do our tournaments on Saturdays, I'm leaning toward the May 31st date, but I want to give you guys a chance to weigh in.


I also haven't talked to Nathaniel yet, so I'm not sure what kind of entry cost or additional prize support there will be. I know he had to pay to get into this preview event so I'm thinking we'll need to at least cover his costs and go from there.


Here's a listing of other stores in the area that have confirmed with me what day they're doing the event:


Friday - Seattle: Game Gurus

Sunday - Marysville: Wandering Havoc Games


Will update the OP as I hear back from more places.

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