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Judge Dredd


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I have read a bunch of great reviews of the game. I also like that a force can be as small as 3 figures.


I expect to receive my order in a few weeks and will then start painting them up. I am gonna pick up a couple gangs to start with, so I will have some to loan out if anyone wants to try it out. Jesse, i will hit you up.


Personally, i am a huge Judge Dredd fan and have been since high school. When I was a young punk rocker, I painted a huge Dredd on the back of my denim vest. I am particularly excited to paint up these dudes. So far I have the Ape Gang on order, but will probably order the Demonic Cabal gang, too. And maybe the Angel family and possibly the Sov City Invasion force. Man... i want 'em all. The Fatties are hilarious.

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