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Tournament Sunday! 6/30

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This will be a 50ss 3rd edition tournament held at The Portland Game Store. We will kick things off at noon. Hope to see you there, even just to check things out. Its a new edition after all. 🙂

Game 1: Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Standard 1. Detonate 2. Breakthrough 3. Harness the Ley Line 4. Search the Ruins 5. Dig Their Graves

Game 2: Strategy: Reckoning Deployment: Flank 6. Hold up Their Forces 7. Take Prisoner 8. Power Ritual 9. Out Flank 10. Assassinate

Game 3: Strategy: Turf War Deployment: Corner 1. Detonate charges 6. Hold Up Their Forces 11. Deliver a Message 12. Claim Jump 13. Vendetta

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A lot of us were in the closed Beta and many more jumped on the open beta too, we have a few very dedicated players around here. The game is that good...

Anyway, Sam Ross came down from Tacoma and smashed some face with his Arcanists. He brought a Collette/Ironsides crew and a Raspy crew into the different games and was able to amass 3 victories. 

We had a few players drop last  minute but still ended up with 7 present at the tournament. Supposed to have upwards of 12 but I think the fresh rules and unfamiliarity discouraged a sizable group of players. Give them a few weeks with rules in hands and I bet we'll have twice as many people at the next. 



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