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H: Eldar vehicles/infantry cheap W: $ or Infinity


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I'm selling off my mech Eldar army. Everything goes for 1/3rd retail price (cheap!). Since everything's priced to go fast, I'm selling in lots of $80 or more.


It's easier to sell in lots, so I have a three-unit minimum for now. And if anyone wants to buy the whole shebang, I'll go down to 1/4th retail price and deliver if you're within a few hours'drive of Seattle. I would also be willing to trade for Infinity figs (Most Nomad units and some Yu Jing).


This is a listing off the top of my head: I'll be adding more to the list as I go through boxes and find more stuff this week. Most vehicles are basecoated dark green/bone (I was on my way to a Biel-Tan colorscheme), and most infantry are bare unless noted otherwise. All are assembled unless noted. All infantry are pre-Failcast metals/plastics.


I'm located in Seattle and would be happy to show them off if you're local, or do pics if you're not.


-5 Wave Serpents (three Forgeworld, magnetized weapons; two newer models, with hull-fins removed to fit better with the Forgeworld ones).


-3 Fire Prisms (one new-style, in box; two older metal/plastic mix, assembled.)


-2 Falcons


-[somewhere between 6 and 9] Vipers, several magnetized. Partially assembled becuase they're yet to be painted.


-9[?] Eldar jetbikes, three with shrieker cannons (2 of those converted). Partially assembled becuase they're yet to be painted.


-3 War Walkers. Plastics, partially assembled, weapons still unattached (so you choose).


-14 or so Striking Scorpions. 6 new version, 8 older version.


-10 Banshees. 6 new style, 4 older sculpts (the ones with laspistols and way better poses).


-20 Dire Avengers. 10 new-style plastics, 10 older plastic/metal mix. 2 Exarchs.


-20 Swooping Hawks. Mostly older metals, 5 newer metals (I think), at least three exarchs.


-12 Dark Reapers. All middle-older version (not the current but the one previous). Couple of Exarchs.


-20 Wraithguard. All old metals.


-3 Wraithlords. All older metal type, 2 of them magnteized. These I will sell cheap (1/5th retail)


-10 Harlequins. All oldest metals. Includes 2 with Shriekker cannons.


-12 Fire Dragons. 6 newest style, 6 older style. Two Exarchs, one with fusion gun, one with Firepike.


-12 Warp Spiders. 2 exarchs with blades.


-7 Rangers. 5 new-style metals, 2 older metals.


-3 Shining Spears, metal/plastic mix


-12 Warlocks. I have a bunch of older grav-platforms to make a unit of 6 of these into "jetbikes" that I would throw in for free.


-3 [more maybe?] Farseers


-2 Eldrads




-2 Autarchs, one with spider pack/fusion gun, one with wings.


-Metal middle-years Avatar.

-Phoenix Lords: Ausermen, Karandras, Jain Zar, Maugan Ra,


-14 custom-converted Storm Guardians. These are really cool, plastics with metal weapons. Includes 2 flamers and 2 meltas.


-60-80 Guardians. Maybe 30 assembled, the rest on sprues and in bags unassembled. These I will sell cheap. (1/5th retail)


-2 Guardian support weapon platforms, one pinned weapons and the other magnetized.


-12 artillery heavy weapon platforms. Metal. Maybe 3 assembled with D-Cannons, the rest still yet to be put together. Mix of weapons, at least 3 of each. With crew of course.


-6 custom-converted Exodites on Cold Ones (the fat old cold ones) with laser lances. They make great counts-as Shining Spears. Cool-looking conversions, but I'll sell these cheap too. ($20 for the bunch).

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