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August 31st 2019 - Red Shirt Riot Blitz Bowl/Street Bowl tournament(s)

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Join us at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse for a casual combination Blitz Bowl and Street Bowl tournament event. There is no charge to attend, but players are expected to participate in both events. These tournaments are open to players of all skill levels, and we very much welcome casual players or people that don't play Blood Bowl. We need a minimum of six players, and will cap at ten. I am playing, so I am looking for someone to offer to hang out and admin. If you want to play or not, please click the link above to the Ordo calendar and RSVP or decline. Thanks!

@Bosco @Burk @ninefinger @evil_bryan @Amado @MrCushtie @Zorcon @ROGRE @Frostitute @Ziggens @Patriarch of Sigmar @savion47 @scotthartman @jollyork @sbr @Brick Bungalow @MexicanNinja @MOONEY @Blustorm

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We had a great time at Red Shirt Riot today. For Blitz Bowl, we had two Dwarf teams, two Dark Elf teams, one Human team, one Goblin team, one Skaven team and one Chaos Chosen team. For Street Bowl, we had two Dwarf teams, two Skaven teams, one Nurgle team, one Goblin team, one Chaos Chosen team and one Dark Elf team. Thank you to all the coaches who participated! @Zorcon @Burk @Bosco @Ziggens @Patriarch of Sigmar @ninefinger @Brick Bungalow @Weav

Red Shirt Riot - Blitz Bowl results:

  • Champion: @Zorcon, Dark Elf; 13 tournament points, 3-0-0 W-L-D
  • Most Points Scored: @Burk, Chaos Chosen; 50 Total points scored

Red Shirt Riot - Street Bowl results:

  • Champion: @Patriarch of Sigmar, Nurgle; 9 tournament points, 2-0-1 W-L-D
  • Best Defense: @Burk, Chaos Chosen; 2 TD's allowed
  • Best Offense: @Weav, Skaven; 6 TD's for
  • Most Brutal: @Bosco, Dwarf; 4 CAS inflicted

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