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imperial guard army for sale


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big ig army 160 or so troops 87 valhallen 32 pro painted the other 55 are primed or painted.   the 80 cadians are not touched except for a few with a starter layer of paint.   15 hwt e of each except for one auto cannon a spare las cannon and 2 cadian missile launchers.   3 flyers one with fw lascannons and its magnatzed 1 vulture kinda in bad shape and a valkyrie.  4 chimeras 1 with a auto cannon one with a heavy bolter one with a unique turrent on it and one missing its multi laser.  armoured sentinel with auto cannon.  i have at least 3 of each special weapon the guard can have and i have 5 command squads.  the regimental advisors coteaz yarrick and creed.  the pics i took are too large to post here so if anybody is interested please pm me and i can forward a link to you for the pics i have on facebook or ebay when it gets posted there.   asking price would preferrably be 800 seeing as how there is a fully pro painted award winning army in of itself in the list of goodies.  oh there are also 2 fw hydras magnatized for transport. also the psykers are in here too i am trying to think of what all i have at the moment

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You should probably just post the link to the photos in the post, otherwise you are not likely to get replies. Also, you should probably list what you have in a list format, not a paragraph, ie:


87 Vahallan (32 painted/55 not)

80 Cadians

15 Heavy Weapon Teams....



If you are going for eBay you would probably maximize your profits and make it more likely to sell by splitting it into a couple smaller lots with lower prices. Just trying to help.

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