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X-wing: Who Controls the Galaxy


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  1. 1. What Faction do you prefer?

    • The Mighty Empire
    • The Cunning Rebels
    • The Dastardly Bounty Hunters (Both Factions)

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To elaborate now that I'm not on my phone, I really love the Empire. Part of this comes from just thinking they're the cooler faction from playing TIE Fighter, digging characters from the EU like Grand Admiral Thrawn, and just preferring their style and badassness, but in game terms the two biggest difference between the two factions is essentially that the Empire is evasive and maneuverable while the Rebels are more straightforward and hardy AND the Empire is usually either a few elite aces zipping around on their own or a nameless TIE Swarm with a squad leader while the Rebels focus a lot more heavily on team synergy and each ship making the other better.


My favorite Imperial ship, as everyone probably knows, is the TIE Interceptor. While not very forgiving if you make a mistake, when played well the Interceptor, especially with elite pilots like Soontir Fel, Turr Phennir, or Carnor Jax at the stick, can use a combination of boosts and barrel rolls to zip in and out of firing arcs all day long. In addition with 3 agility dice, a Stealth Device, and a combination of Focus and Evade actions if you ever do land in someone's arc, the ship is pretty tough to stick any damage to.


On the other hand, Rebels have turrets.


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Yeah interceptors are rad (though not for me). I always liked them because they are less of a flying death trap than a TIE fighter. Smaller profile and more guns. TIE fighters literally look like the broad side of a barn, which looks a lot like thumbing your nose at fate to me.

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smashthedean, that is one of the best summaries of the two styles I've read.


I think it's a little more finically intensive to start an imperial army, but with 4 solid ships you can field a good rebel team.


I like running rebels, my brain is small and I have less to think about.   If I played way more games I think i could be a good interceptor pilot (well flown Sontir Fel makes me want to quit the game or run two falcons everytime).


Also whenever an x-wings superior firepower crushes a tie fighter I hear all the appropriate sound effects in my head at the same time.  Now that the big rebel ships are coming out its going to be hard to get me to play imperial.

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