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Well, what can we say? Did we all have a great time? Did we all get 5 great games? Did we all make new friends, enemies, or even frienemies (half friend, half enemy)? I certainly did!

I would like for all of you take this time while basking in the afterglow of gaming glory to reach out and say "THANK YOU" to the following people who worked very hard to make all of OFCC a reality.

@Blustorm - Club Treasurer and Historian, this guy rocks it! Not only did he successfully run the very first OFCC boardgame event (M-A-R-S), he was on hand to ringer for Ordo Bowl AND was available to pack up all the terrain used for the entire event.

@ninefinger - Club Consul and all round dreamboat, his calm demeanor and stellar attitude kept all of us in a good place all weekend. He frequently manned the admin table and handled many issues that always come up at the last minute.

@evil_bryan - All of us can only hope to look so good at 50! THE guy running the 40K event this year. All I heard was good things from the 40K players. From the missions to the event pins and trophies to the completely 3D printed 6x4 table, we are always happy to see his work appreciated.

@Weav - I have to really give it to him. He runs one helluva event. Huge turn outs. Lots of fun. I never could imagine Blood Bowl could be so popular until I met him.

@Burk - Crushed in with the very first Ordo BRAFT at OFCC. Everyone needs to buy this guy a diet coke whenever they see him. He stores and transports all the table toppers that pretty much every game system is played on except Blood Bowl, yet he only plays Blood Bowl. THAT is some gamer love right there.

@Raindog - Pub Quiz Maestro and Pro-Consul, this guy orangized the Fluger Bag Raffle that raised over $500 dollars for our dear friend. This guy always helps with everything from table setup and to tear down.

@Exile - So, when everyone got home did they look inside their swag bag? Did you find one of the most awesome giveaways possible in the form of a OFCC 2019 velcro-backed patch? If you think it is as awesome as I do, please tell this guy. He also orchestrated the entire weekend of Infinity events.

@peter.cosgrove - TO for the 40K ITC Open, he ran one of the most casual and relaxed ITC events I have ever seen. He also put in hard work to make enough terrain for three full tables. And then we went on to lead a 40K team through the events of the weekend.

@ROGRE - The strong and silent type, this guy helps out where ever he is needed. Admin table, disciplinary committee, and all round great Mars player, we want this guy there every year.

@Jay - This year he really got to shine as the creator and designer of the OFCC 2019 logo. 

@Dark Trainer Our secret weapon for merchandise and sponsorship. This guy arranges to have the shirts and pint glasses made. He solicits stores and companies for the prize support used for the raffle and giveaways. Then he went on to captain an entire team of OFCC newbies!

@Bosco - our newest member of the Senate, he took his hazing with a smile and is still showing up the club. Good on ya!


This list is by no means extensive. There are so many other responsibilities and duties that need attention and are not mentioned here. OFCC is never just one person. It is the entire club, its members, and its spirit.

For the Good of the Order!

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Now Thanks for our Heads of Gaming:

These folks stepped up to the gaming table and said "I will show them the way." They put themselves out there to provide quality events for all our attendees. They worked hard on developing the event packets and missions. They solicited for prize support. They worked with Ordo Fanaticus to make sure all aspects of the hobby were accounted for and that sportsmanship was held to a higher standard than most other events. Please join me in saying "THANK YOU" for all the work they did.

Warhammer 40K - Team Event - @evil_bryan

Ordo Bowl III: All Araby Derby - @Weav

The 9th Age Fantasy Battles - @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon

Warhammer Age of Sigmar ITC Grand Tournament - @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW

Infinity Two-Day Challenge: ITS Tournament and Sunday Showdown - @Exile

Warhammer 40K ITC Open Tournament - @peter.cosgrove

So You Think You Can Terraform Mars - @Blustorm

Ordo Crush 2019: Blood Bowl Braft - @Burk

ACAA Crush Combine - @Weav

2019 Bazaar Bash - Street Bowl Tournament - @Weav

Nagashizzar Nights - Blood Bowl 7's Tournament - @Weav


Infinity Friday Arena Rumble: TAG Arena Deathmatch - @Exile

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And now for the best list of all. By no means is this conclusive. We had many people purchase tickets for other people. This is a list of individuals with confirmed ticket purchases. I do know that we had the largest turn out ever for the most game diverse weekned at an OFCC. All of the folks on this list put their faith in us to provide a great weekend. Their support funded the venue, the terrain, the trophies, the giveways, the favorite opponent pins and many other things. This is in alphabetical order.


@7 Mile
@Alexander Marks
@Andrew Bierek
@Anthony Partridge
@apathy ales
@Calvin Blitman
@chris seehafer
@cody quigley
@Dark Trainer
@David Bierek
@Devon Butler

@Edosaurus Rex

@Jack Ballard
@James Kally
@Jared Ramm
@Jason Gager
@Jesse Bares
@John Ragsdale
@Jonathan Harris
@Justin Whitton

@Lion of Flanders
@Martin Lund
@Matthew Kangiser
@Mustache Dorn
@Nato Sicarius
@Nicholas Branham
@Pyre Warden
@Saint Anthony
@Ser Warwick
@Sgt. Rock
@Tallarn Commander
@Tanner Hebert
@Torin Costales



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