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3rd edition


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Word from Antenocitis Workshop is that they are now an official partner of Corvus Belli's, and they are reconfiguring a bunch of their stuff to be official Infinity terrain, including vehicles, though they insist that the game is staying skirmish level and the vehicles (including a Yu Jing dropshop) are for scenery only.  This is also the reason why they've had to delay their Kickstarter multiple times while working it out.  That kickstarter is still coming though, which means that not only will we get a ton of cool stuff, but now it's going to be stuff that has been re-designed specifically for Infinity.  Vehicles, scenery, terrain, and mats.


In short: coming soon - Infinity the Kickstarter.

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Sweet, any word on when this kickstarter is going launch? I def cant miss that


Nope, though I imagine it will be happening somewhere around launch of the new version.  They've already dragged it out a couple months beyond when they said they were going to do it, but they've had a lot of re-jiggering to do due to the new partnership, which only came about in December.  Soon.

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Bostria gives the low-down:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwA5hY9cE6w


Seems like they are taking a pretty awesome approach, and it's definitely just going to be a fine-tuning. Paradiso and Human Sphere will be compatible with the 3rd ed. core book, which Bostria describes as  a "Resculpt" of the 2nd ed rule book.  Man, these guys know how to run a game company that respects the fanbase.

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Oh man, oh man, I really like their approach here.  It sounds like they are really looking at making the game more accessible while keeping all of the expanded rules.


EMP pulse non-suicide bomb vests?  Dope!


Oh man, if they can just get a good mission system built in here, this is going to be a great release.

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Yeah, this is how you do it.


I like that they are maintaining the narrative structure of the game. 


Sounds like the new book will have updates for equipment that was overwritten in later books, new units, retranslation, new art, clarifications, new LOS rules.


I am really excited.

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Here's a summary of the video someone wrote up:



Fairly disorganized, basically transcribed as it appears in the video - 

Replaces core rulebook with a new, much better translation. Same basic state for the fluff, largely rewritten and totally retranslated to be more approachable. Comparison between new resculpts of really old minis and updates to new text.
New units/profiles, stuff people have never seen before.
Remains compatible with Human Sphere/Campaign Paradiso.
Does a lot to address holes in rules, grey areas, stuff that needs FAQs.
Decision to do a 3rd edition was made after Campaign Paradiso.
Expansion after 3rd ed core book is Acheron Falls, a book much like Human Sphere, including a new wave of sectorials.
New artwork at the level currently in use.
3rd edition intended to lay a significantly more solid foundation for future expansion.
Release of USAriadna sectorial expected to create an influx of American gamers, and they know the current rules aren't really newbie-friendly.
More information coming as the year progresses.
New troops, new rules, redesigned old stuff. No Aleph/Tohaa in book because of fluff reasons, but new troops for them will appear on the website instead.
As before, all rules text will be available on the website.

New/updated units and such, too lazy to grab pics right now:
Interventors (Tunguska, Nomads) - updated profile with new skills/equipment/artwork. Tunguska Sectorial in Acheron Falls. Resculpted box in May/June. Comes with Fast Pandas, which are some sort of mobile repeater.

Zuyong Invincibles, Terracotta Soldiers (Invincible Army, Yu Jing) - IA Sectorial in Acheron Falls. Troop profile in 3rd ed book. Low-end heavy infantry, will basically be the starter pack line troopers for the IA sectorial.

Kazak Spetsnazs - (Kazak Army, Ariadna) Kazak Sectorial in Acheron Falls, troop profile in 3rd ed core. Two versions - Ambusher (Camoflage, sniper rifle/HMG loadouts), Para-trooper (drop troops, no camo, Rifle/BS/Grenades)

Kum, Motorized Troops (Gabqar Khanate, Haqqislam) Khanate in AF, includes existing troops like Halqa and Hunzakut. Models obviously already floating around. A second, different box of Kums coming later this year. Bikes are multipart models to allow for variations among troops.

Ghazi Muttawi'ah (Haqqislam) Resculpt. They didn't like the existing minis, currently being sculpted.

Neoterra Bolts (Neoterran Capitaline Army, Pan-O) Obviously already out in both starter form and special weapon box with revised Pan-O weapon styles. Like the Morat line infantry, showing off their ability to use 3D sculpting to get many variations of line troop-type models into the hands of players, cutting down on the need to proxy/convert. Wants to do similar for most other line troopers. Is a 3rd ed profile at heart, will make much more sense in 3rd ed - when the army's in retreat and Fusiliers flee, Bolts keep fighting.

Nikoul Ambush Unit (Tohaa) Viral Sniper Rifle. Mines. Symbiont armor. Sapper. Minelayer. Troop profile will show up on website/army builder, fluff in Acheron Falls like all coming Aleph/Tohaa units.

O-12 High Commissioner (O-12) Faction currently has no miniatures, is basically the UN. Has their own army. Commissioner is a politician that appears in a mission later this year.

Armored Cavalry, Squalo (Pan-Oceania) Rescuplted to not look like [big bad swear word]. Pan-O players rejoice. On a 55mm base. Emphasizes the heavy grenade launcher.

Sun Tze (Imperial Service, Yu Jing) Updated sculpt already in the wild, acting as a model for new Yu Jing heavy infantry. Getting a new profile in 3rd ed with new skills, new stuff to "allow him to be a better commander".

Thamyris, the Aoidos (Aleph) Coming in a few months. Journalist/Hacker from Campaign Paradiso. Most civilian-looking model in Aleph.

Tankhunters (Kazak Army, Ariadna) Classic troop profile (Autocannon tankhunter is one of the top 10 sellers to date). Non-autocannon tankhunters getting a rescuplt to bring them into line with modernity.

Tarik Manusri (Sectorial symbol I don't recognize, Haqqislam) New rescuplt already seen, took inspiration from Ajax and said "hey, let's make another big dude". Strategos 1, lieutenant option.

Unidron Batroid (Combined Army) New CA line troops in 3rd edition, similar to Dakini Tactbots. Intended to be line troops for new CA starter coming "maybe end of the year".

Warcors (Mercs) Has a normal version and a reward model for people in their evangelist/outrider/pressganger program. Additional promises of a much better translation for 3rd ed.

Assault Pack Controller & Antipodes (Kazak Army, Ariadna) Total resculpt for controller + Antipodes. Controller probably no longer huge, Antipodes look more militarized, scarred, wielding primitive weapons, quite big, and no longer emaciated. Box coming sometime this summer. New production structure is allowing them to turn out better models faster. Behave very specially in 3rd edition, have a rule just for themselves. "Like sending a missile to the enemy".

Every troop profile in 3rd edition has a Silhouette attribute to clarify model volumes, base sizes - simple numbers (Silhouette 1, 2, 3, etc) to simplify exposure and line of fire. Templates to make this easy will exist - if you see the template, you see the miniature. Encourages scenic basing, conversion. "Make it beautiful, enjoy the miniature".

A lot of work in 3rd edition going into making the rules very clear, black and white, no grey areas.

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Supposedly Hacking is going through a huge rewrite and now takes 6 pages of rules (as opposed to the three or so pages it is now with another two or so pages of FAQ), with a rumor that they will be able to possess HI. As well Close Combat is being redone.


Range bands are changing. Sniper rifles range bands should be: 0 - 8 / -3, 8 - 16 / 0, 16 - 48 / +3, 48 - 96 / -3

Which brings up the question what does X-Visor 2 do but now a much more long range weapon.
MSV1 reduces combat camo and TO camo by -3
Combat camo attacks are no longer a normal attack roll but a FtF roll with a further -3 added on top of whatever the camo modifier is. So MSV becomes stronger, out of camo attacks become nicer on the ARO and in your usual active turn they become often one or two percent points worse than they are now statistically. 
BTS will now be a positive number. 
There's a new skill which allows you to move extra inches when you dodge (no word if it means you can get movement by dodging in your active turn).
Also Loss of Lieutenant is changing so that when you lose your Lt. all your models become irregular in your LoL turn and at the end of the turn you nominate a new Lt. Also using your Lt. order reveals him/her. 
I'm sure there are other rumors both confirmed and not. Over all I'm really curious what is going to happen since this is not the 2.5 rules that Carlos hinted at but a serious over haul.
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A discussion of the changes to camo in 3rd edition.  Now, instead of breaking the action/reaction operations being attacked from camo gives you an additional -3 to your return fire because you are being surprised, but it still happens as a face-to-face roll.  Also there is now a hard cap of +/- 12 in modifiers to any roll.

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