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Sams Long Ass Road to 9th Age OFCC 2020 with Infernal Dwarves

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So this will be my thread to keep me motivated with a newly born child and try and get some hobby time in building my Infernal Dwarves. 

Im currently looking over unit composition and army stats and probably gonna start off with two 30 man units of the core troops. 1 x unit of HW and Shield and 1 x unit of the flintlock axe things. 

I'll be posting update pictures of assembly and my progress here as much as possible. It may be sporadic with the baby but fingers crossed with this amount of time i can paint it up to a pretty high level as well. 

Cheers to all you square base lovers who have inspired me to get on with it for next year!

Much love!


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11 hours ago, splinx said:

I dunno why you are already giving the beef! You are gonna be helping me make the army! Lol 

I... uh... what? 

15 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

*Laughs in has an actual magic phase*

Who needs "spells" when you have runes. Have I ever failed to cast a rune with DH? 

The question is rhetorical, of course not!

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