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 One thing you might not know about me is I love conversions and I’m also a cheapskate.   Chaplain models are expensive or metal so I made my own.   The Crozius weapon was the trickiest part but I found a Dwarf banner with a top that looks very much like it.  

Before and after paint photos attached. 





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Honestly, it's a bit late now that you've painted him, but there are two places in particular I think they would have been great. I would have gone for replacing the gem in the Dwarf banner bit with one, and probably tried for some sort of skull-helm as well. Reiver head, some of the heads/helmets of of Chaos trophy racks can look great with a bit of work, there are probably at least a couple of helmets out there for some Faction or other that would do, or the old standby of chopping up a helmet and a skull and figuring out how to glue them together to look cool.

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