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Lord Hanaur


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Deep within the Webways march and skulk the denizens of the Dark City. A sinister miasma of screams and despair have pooled and taken new form, reminiscent of the birth of the Warp.

The Battle to control or destroy it had begun.  No faction felt safe if it falls into other hands. Little did they all know when converging on the Dark City that this miasma was a ruse by Asdurbial Vect himself to bring disparate forces to his Webway... to enslave them all. The only way out is to fight your way out. Not all the factions realize their peril, and if you don't win your way out, Asdrubiel Vect will add you to his ever growing pool of misery, one horrifying act of torture at a time. Warning others is the only mission... If you can survive to do so.



You and your friends. Invite them. Invite a lot of them. By now you should know better than to wait. Spots fill up fast, this is a goodly sized community! and it's like musical chairs. Don't be standing when the music stops. A link for Registration will be added SOON, but the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/events/1308797849289106/?active_tab=about

2,000 Points, Battle Forged Matched Play armies.
3 hour rounds.
Clock rules will be in effect so if one person asks to use the clock, then the clock is used. You are personally responsible for passing time to your opponent. Any errors are your own to bear.
Your models need to be accurately geared and any Proxies should be approved BEFORE the event,
You MUST provide a legible copy of your list to every opponent and have copies of your rules for easy review, if your opponent asks for them. Electronic copies of lists are not good enough. We will issue a Yellow card if you do not.
All rules that are out by September 1 2019 are in play. All rules after that are not.
NO FORGE WORLD RULES will be used for this event, albeit you can bring them as proxies for Codex units if they are size appropriate.

PlayLive Nation in the Capital Mall. PARK NEAR THE MACY'S SIDE OF THE MALL.

We announce pairings and such at 10:00 AM sharp on October 5th, so be on time!

Because you freaking love it. Three guaranteed games, fun opponents and a shop that loves our community!!! Show your support for them by getting the word out.

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