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ENFILADE 2020 - starting early

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14 hours ago, Noland said:

James, what are you leaning to for points so we can start running some test matches up here?

No official announcement  from Battlefront on points levels for the 2020 tournament season, but here are my planning parameters:

  • For FOW v4, I am leaning toward 110 points for Late War, 3 rounds, 2h15m per round
  • Team Yankee (at ENFILADE 2020) is a one-round event, doubles at 120 pts per team, approx 60 points per player.
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      If you plan to run a potential 110 points,  recommend you do some playtesting.  Ed and I did 90 points of pewter and 7 points of cards and closed at 3.0 hours.  Another pair ran 100 points all in and ran 3.0 hours.  If we want to get people to finish in time, 100+ points might be high forcing a lot of loser brackets.  
       If this is not for a nationals run, I would not worry about the BF point list and go with what you feel will work best. 99% of us are there to have fun and connect. At days end, you are the GM and we will back your call whatever you decide. 

Bill Noland



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I don't have a problem with the points level and time required. Late war tends to be more destructive (more kills than bails or pins) and I make sure that I get at least a half dozen practice games in to reduce time spent figuring stuff out or looking stuff up. 

Also, since there are time limits, it requires a different play style than just the casual weekend game and it's one of the reasons why I tend to run attack oriented lists so that I can do my best to come to quick enough decision as to who is winner.

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This is my target for enfilade, but it is negotiable up until JAN 1, 2020 (1):

3 rounds, 2.5 hours, 100 points (2), LATE-WAR, Theme D-DAY, D-Day Books, latest edition of the v4 Rulebook, fully painted armies (decals optional), bases must at least be painted, but flocking is desired. No Soviet Forces.


Before you jump and comment on ENFILADE, read on about the tournament that comes 6 weeks before ENFILADE 2020:

  • On Saturday, April 11th, 2020, RCDD will host Dogs-of-War 2020 (3), in Portland OR. That format will be similar to ENFILADE 2020, with a few changes:

Armies SHOULD be fully painted, but models and bases must be WYSIWYG - no proxy models. At least base-coat the figures and models, please

This is a De-escalation Tournament. You play in shorter rounds with fewer points (2) for each successive mission. 3 army lists: 115, 100 and 85 points.

  • #1 is the base list, at 115 points. This is the list I will review and approve.
  • List 2 will be list #1 minus 15 points, (100 pts) and must be legal - not reviewed by me, unless your opponent objects
  • List 3 will be list #2 minus 15 points, (85 pts) and must be legal - not reviewed by me
  • You will have paper copies of your list at registration time, legible (typed not required if it is legible), that you provide to each opponent, plus one for the GM.

Each round after Round 1 decreases by 15 min:

  • Round 1: 2h, 45 min, 115 pts (list #1), Mission chosen via Battle Plan (4).
  • Round 2: 2h, 30 min, 100 pts (list #2), Mission chosen via Battle Plan.
  • Round 3: 2h, 15 min, 85 pts (list #3), Mission for everyone is "Free-For-All" - no reserves, no ambush, Meeting Engagement.

The objectives of this Dogs-of-War FoW Tournament are:

  • Play MORE GAMES!
  • Focus on LOCAL players (SW Wash, NW Oregon) and a smaller tournament (12-14 gamers).
  • Practice with the Force you will likely use at ENFILADE
  • Allow you to experiment with support options before ENFILADE
  • Focus on the core 85 pts of your force
  • Challenge you to play faster with each mission.
  • Give you an incentive to have a fully painted army before ENFILADE


(1) Soon after 1 JAN is when I will have my entry ready to submit to the NHMGS Enfilade organizers.

(2) Points levels are a total of BOTH units and command cards.

(3) There is an Ordo Forum post for DoW 2020, which I will update soon.

(4) Since we are using the Battle Plan method, I will NOT be considering Force Type for match ups. Your force should have a plan to defeat whatever your opponent could throw at it. My advice is for you to find a Combined Arms mix you can work with.

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