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Halfling (Empire) 9th Age Wisdom

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Not sure how to cross post, but I know hamster might have insight...

Hey, so long ago (6th/7th ed) I had this idea of doing an all halfling army for WHFB. 

Well dreams do becomes reality as I backed a Kickstarter that has a good start of halfling units coming my way.

Specifically looking for “no regrets units to build around” going to have about 30 mounted models and 40 infantry.

Any advice?

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I have found that the Imperial Guard (Greatswords) have rarely let me down. I run them as an offensive 40-man Great Weapon unit with a Priest to spread the hate. They can also be used to great effect  with the hand weapon/shield variant, as I have seen playing them across the table.

With that many mounted models you could fill a lot of your core with upgraded knights, although multiple units is limited to having a Knight Commander character. I recently started playing with a massive knight unit with priest and knight commander, which did mean work if given the charge. Even if they got caught out, they could still grind their way out of trouble.

Reiters with brace of pistols are very effective, although care must be taken not to throw them too far afield.

The Steam Tank and cannon are solid artillery pieces, and the tank can hold up some really burly units for most of the game.

If you are up near Bellingham and would like to demo the Empire with my models, or just play T9A in general, I would be happy to oblige.

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