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Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

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Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale
@WOW – 717 SE Main ST  Portland, OR
Saturday October 19th
Setup – 10AM
Sale Time – 11AM – 3PM
Clean up – 3PM – 4PM
Bring your bits boxes, your excess minis and your board games.
If you are planning on selling, plan on utilizing a 4′ Long x 2.5′ Deep space approximately (if tables don’t fill up, we can spread out some).
If you are selling please bring what you are selling and some cash change so you can make deals.  If you are looking to buy, bring some cash!

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1 hour ago, Jay said:

Roll call? Who is planning on bringing stuff? Give us a preview! 

My buddy just gave me a huge pile of stuff to unload. I'm going to try and make it down, although not 100% if I'll be able to. Stuff I've got:

-Wargaming terrain (DarkOps Iceheim, 2x Tinkerturf kickstarter bundles)
-Tons of Necromunda (starter, rules, lots of gangs)
-AvP 2nd ed board game
-A giant assortment of Game of Thrones LCG cards, lots of stuff still new
-plus a ton of other random GW kits: Scions, Chaos Cultists, Dark Elves (Blood Bowl), Blood Warriors, plus other goodies

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I'm bringing alot of gdub terrain.  Citadel of the everchosen. Propainted Archaon. huge slaan demon army. 90 demonettes 100ish seekers fiends  A ton of noise marines. A few hundred csm some rhinos LRs  havocs. Ton of oldhammer. 20 dreadnaughts 20 DPs named characters. 50 terminators.   20 bikers. 50ish cultists. Wow. Ton of stuff.  Basically only keeping my Tzeentch stuff. 

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12 hours ago, dalmer said:

Geographically I live so far away (Canadian border, basically)!  Is there a "hey, if you couldn't make it here's some stuff we're trying to sell" thread or website?

I, too, wish to spend money! 

I can't imagine some unified thread of stuff from the garage sale popping up, since everyone is selling stuff individually. Once I get things cataloged I'll put them up on my trade thread here, or if there's anything I mentioned in my list up above drop me a PM and I can get more specifics. 

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Here is most of the stuff I'm planning on bringing:

15mm mostly WW2, Flames of War stuff

Novus Design Terrain: Cologne Ruins, Stalingrad Red October Factory Ruin, Stalingrad Nail Factory Ruin, Barricades Factory Ruin

Plastic Soldier Company:  Allied M3 Halftrack Box, British Paratrooper Box, German Heavy Weapons box

Flames of War:  American Armored Recon Platoon, British Rifle Platton (Italy), German Afrika Corp (loose), Russian Strelokovy Company (plastic), in boxes

and some other stuff

Star Wars Armada:  Rebel Assault Frigate Mark 2 (sealed in box), couple of extra Tie Fighters and X-wings with stands

Warhammer 40k: Eldar Fire Prism (in box), Imperial Guard Valkyrie (in box), Eldar Dire Avengers box, various older loose bits

Warhammer: Elf Battalion Box, Sister of Twilight on Forest Dragon (in package), various other small units

Pegasus 28mm Ruined Gothic Cathedral set (primed)


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Does limited edition Blizzard convention swag float your boat?  Come see me!

Copying my post from Warpspace:

A fully painted Deathwing Army with TWO! Contemptor dreads

-A fully painted and based Tyranid Army, 60+ gaunts, 15+ warriors, Metal Raveners, Zoanthropes, Lictors

-1000+ Points of Bolt Action Americans, with customized carry case

-Imperial Guard(!) metals, including some Ratlings, and 9/12ths of Schaffer's Last Chancers!

-Small WarmaHordes starters- Cryx and Legion

-An Imperial Raider, and a large X-wing 1.0 collection, multiples of most ships from 1.0 waves 1-8/9, Empire Rebel and Scum.  Including rare or variant ship paints, Most Wanted, Aces, Veterans, etc. I plan to accept part outs on this on a case by case basis, talk to me!

-NIB Xbox 1 and PC gaming headphones (three pair)

-6th Edition High Elf Phoenix Guard and Swordmasters!

More as I dig out further this week!


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On 10/11/2019 at 11:25 PM, Talapas said:

I am looking for action figures, AD&D stuff, vintage fantasy minis and art, dead ccgs, vintage fantasy boardgames, etc.  Please feel free to pm me if looking for more details.

I have a decent amount of the original Deadlands Doomtown ccg if you are interested.

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